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subsetting ndep, lightng, and popdens data at half degree using getregional_datasets.pl


Dear Scientist,

I successfully ran the cesm 2.1.3. with the compset I2000Clm50BgcCrop at a half degree on the global domain. Here are the relevant input files used:

fatmlndfrc = 'domain.lnd.360x720_cruncep.100429.nc'
fsurdat = 'surfdata_360x720cru_hist_78pfts_CMIP6_simyr2000_c210423.nc' (created using mksurfdata.pl)
stream_fldfilename_ndep = '/ndepdata/fndep_clm_hist_b.e21.BWHIST.f09_g17.CMIP6-historical-WACCM.ensmean_1849-2015_monthly_0.9x1.25_c180926.nc'
stream_fldfilename_lightng = '/datm7/NASA_LIS/clmforc.Li_2012_climo1995-2011.T62.lnfm_Total_c140423.nc'
stream_fldfilename_popdens = '/firedata/clmforc.Li_2017_HYDEv3.2_CMIP6_hdm_0.5x0.5_AVHRR_simyr1850-2016_c180202.nc'

To run the same compset at a half degree over the USA region, I tried to use getregional_datasets.pl to subset these global datasets.
I am able to create the domain and surfdata over the USA domain, but have some issues with the other three data sets (ndep, lightng, and popdens).

Here are my questions:

1. I assume the subsetted ndep, lightng, and popdens data at a half degree are required to run the model over the USA. In other words, the interpolation and subsetting are
not taken care of during the model run. Is that correct? (I tried to run the model with the subsetted domain and surfdata as well as the other three global data sets, but the model run failed with some error message).

2. getregional_datasets.pl requires "fatmlndfrc" is on the same grid as all of the other data files.

for popdens, both global files are at a half degree. However, I found that the longitude mapping is not consistent between two files:

for fatmlndfrc: longitude spans from 0.25 to 359.75; while for popdens: longitude spans from -179.75 to 179.75. If I provide the "-ne 54.75,297.75 -sw 20.75,231.25" for the "getregional_datasets.pl", the resulting longitude domain for popdens is not correct.

for "ndep" and "lightng" files, since both global files are not at the same grid as the "fatmlndfrc", the "getregional_datasets.pl" simply won't generate any corresponding files over the USA domain.

How could I proceed?