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The magnitude of simulated BC concentration in snow is wrong with FHIST


H! I run the FHIST with default setup from 1979, But I found the output of black carbon concentration in snow have something wrong...
RUN_TYPE: hybrid
RUN_STARTDATE: 1979-01-01
RUN_REFCASE: f.e20.FHIST.f09_f09.cesm2_1.001_v2
RUN_REFDATE: 1979-01-01
The unit of SNOBCMCL(mass of BC in snow column) is kg/m2, when I convert it to ug/m2 I found the value of the variable are as high as thousands, I dont know what's wrong....
By the way, the output of black carbon concentration in atmosphere is right...
This is the result of 1980.01: