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Topography file for a simulation from 1980 in CAM5-MAM7

I am writing because I have a doubt about the topo file to be used for run a simulation from 1980. I was using FSTRATMAM7 compset at a resolution of 1.9x2.5 lat/lon and MERRA2 for the meteorology, due to that I modified the compset to have specified dynamics then to my default topo file I added PHIS variable from MERRA2. Now I am wondering if I want to start the simulation from 1980 I just need to change PHIS?? and put PHIS from MERRA2 1980?
What about the other variables in the topography file? they change according to the date?
My topo file default is USGS-gtopo30_1.9x2.5_remap_c050602.nc and the variables in it are: LANDFRAC, LANDM_COSLAT, SGH and SGH30.
I would like to understand this.

I really appreciate any help! :)