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Using CAM4 for the Eocene

Hi all,

I'm trying to run an Eocene simulation using CESM1.2.2 with CAM4 in NCI's supercomputer Gadi. I use the Eocene topography, SSTs, vegetation from Zhu et al 2019.
I created the case using F1850 compset and then changed SSTs, atmosphere, land,ocean domain paths and files using xmlchange commands. I also make necessary changes in user_cl_cam, user_nl_clm and user_nl_rtm to change the BCs. But when I submit the case, the model becomes unstable and crashes within 1st 10 days.

I released that for deep-time paleo research cesm1.2.2 was modified : https://svn-ccsm-models.cgd.ucar.ed...-cesm1.0_cesm1_2_2_1/SVN_EXTERNAL_DIRECTORIES.
Although I wasn't sure if this version would work in Gadi, I downloaded the atmospheric component and swapped it with the atmospheric component of cesm1.2.2.. When I run the case again following the same steps, the model runs for 4 months days before crashing again.

Is there any way I can run dt-cesm in Gadi successfully? Or how to fix the issues I'm having?

If you have any suggestions please let me know,
Thank you for your time,