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WACCM: No data found


New Member
There were problems accessing the data:
Error contacting the NCAR Research Data Archive.

I got message above when I request data from 'WACCM Download Subset'.
Am I doing anything incorrectly?

Another two questions,
1. are there APIs to access WACCM data?
2. Can I specify specify time resolution when requesting data?

Thanks in advance.

Carl Drews

Carl Drews
New Member
Hello Felix -

The RDA is currently down for maintenance along with Cheyenne: NCAR's RDA
Important Notices
> Due to extended maintenance, RDA data access capabilities will remain offline through March 12. [2021]
ACOM uses the RDA to provide WACCM subsets.

Your questions:
1. No APIs, except the interactive subsetter that you are already using: WACCM Download Subset
2. No, the time step for WACCM is 6 hours.

For more flexibility in WACCM access, you may register for direct WACCM download at:

Carl Drews
ACOM Web Operations