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bug fix

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    CESM1.1.2_LENS: E1850LENS and F1850LENS

    Just a heads up that the E1850LENS and F1850LENS compsets do not run out of the box from the special Large-Ensemble (LENS) tag. The fix is easy however. The "CO2" fields need to be removed from CAM's fincl list as co2_cycle is .false. in these compsets and the fincl variables are not recognized...
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    CESM1.1.z - Running IAF compsets (CIAF, DIAF, GIAF) on non-NCAR machines.

    Affected Releases: CESM1.1.z The following instructions assume you will be starting from CESM1.1.zBefore you can set up and run your IAF case on a machine other than a NCAR machine, you will need to first download the forcing datasets onto your own disk location, then make modifications to the...
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    CESM1.1.z - Problems using compsets FSTRATMAM3 and FSTRATMAM7

    Affected releases: CESM1.1.z(Bugzilla 1645) Problem using compsets FSTRATMAM3 and FSTRATMAM7.The entry CICE_NAMELIST_OPTS in the env_run.xml file should have value cam5=.true. in cesm1_1, cesm1_1_1, and cesm1_2 beta01 through beta03. It does not. This results in an incorrect cice albedo setting...