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CESM1.1.z - Problems using compsets FSTRATMAM3 and FSTRATMAM7


Staff member
Affected releases: CESM1.1.z(Bugzilla 1645) Problem using compsets FSTRATMAM3 and FSTRATMAM7.The entry CICE_NAMELIST_OPTS in the env_run.xml file should have value cam5=.true. in cesm1_1, cesm1_1_1, and cesm1_2 beta01 through beta03. It does not. This results in an incorrect cice albedo setting. The workaround is to run the following command in your case directory:
./xmlchange -file env_run.xml -id CICE_NAMELIST_OPTS -val "cam5=.true."
This problem also pertains to release CESM1.1.z, and development tags cesm1_2_beta01 and cesm1_2_beta02 and cesm1_2_beta03.This issue is resolved in cesm1.2.z.