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  1. H

    CESM O3 hourly output

    Hi, I am currently using CESM2.1.3 (CAM4, CLM5), FMOZ compset. I want to get O3 hourly output in the hist file and the rest of the other variables in the monthly output (default). I made some changes in user_nl_cam, but I am still getting h0 files as model output and on checking the output .nc...
  2. M

    Output monthly average transient-eddy fluxes (CAM4)?

    Hi all, I'm running CESM1.2.2 with CAM4. I wish to output 3D monthly averages of transient-eddy fluxes in the atmosphere (water vapor, temperature, geopotential, momentum). Are these fluxes available as standard History Fields? I had a look in the CAM4 documnetnation but couldn't find them... If...
  3. K

    Radiaitve properties and hyrgroscopic growth of sulphate aerosols

    Dear Forum Members,I am using CESM 1.0.4 and CAM4 to study the effects of sulfate aerosols (both background and volcanic size) by prescribing them in stratosphere. 1) Could somebody provide a reference on how longwave and shortwave properties of sulfate aerosols are parametrised in the model...