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  1. J

    Question about MEGAN and LAI

    Hi all, I'm running CESM2.2.0 and am looking at the effects of land use on BVOC emissions under different climate scenarios. I have generated surfdata files for CLM5 which I thought were prescribing LAI, as they contain the variable 'monthly LAI'. However, when we run experiments with different...
  2. H

    How to turn ON fire in CESM?

    Hi, I am using CESM2.1.3 FMOZ compset. I tried turning on fire (./xmlchange --append CLM_BLDNML_OPTS=" -fire_emis"), but it always ended with an error message within a minute of job run. ERROR: fire_emissions_init: not able to map bc_a1 to chem species/forcing I have also posted this in another...
  3. H

    compound not found in FireEmis table

    Hello CESM community, I am encountering one ERROR recently when I run a model with the following compset, turning on fire, compset: I2000Clm50BgcCru CLM_BLDNML_OPTS="-fire_emis" After creating the case, I made some changes in user_nl_clm, such as fire_emis_specifier = 'CB1 = 0.5*BC'...
  4. O

    Prescribing irrigation for single point CLM5 case

    Hi everyone, I want to modify the source code of CLM5 to prescribe irrigation from a measured irrigation timeseries for a single point case with my own atmospheric forcings and using BGCcrop. I am wondering what would be the best strategy to go about this. I am thinking of creating a separate...
  5. J

    CLM5 case failure

    Hi all, I have a CLM5 case which sometimes runs, but mostly doesn't. I wanted to ask if there is anything I can do to reduce the high crash rate. I am running over a custom domain (sub-Saharan Africa) at a 0.5 degree resolution and outputting CLM5 history fields per PFT as well as on the...
  6. N

    Why only 28 days output in February in a leap year?

    I found there are only 28 days ouput (e.g., LST ) in February in a leap year (e.g., 2016) by clm5.0, do you konw what's wrong? Is there any paper or website to interpret it ?
  7. S


  8. H

    CESM run error: pio_support::pio_die:: myrank= -1 : ERROR: ionf_mod.F90: 235 :

    hi, I encountered the following error message after the model run for around 1 min. There is no error during case create/build/submit but during case run. I am not sure what is causing this problem. I am using CESM2.1.3, CAM4-chem tropospheric MOZART, CLM5, FMOZ compset. Could anyone suggest to...
  9. E

    An error about inputdata for ISSP245Clm50BgcCrop

    Hello,everyone I'm trying to run a simulation for the future scenario. I use the compset ISSP245Clm50BgcCrop. But when I run "./check_input_data --download", some data(Precip,Solar,TPHWL) is not found on the website of...
  10. S

    Input data for CLM

    I am new to CLM and have been successful until the case.setup step following Creating-and-Running-a-CESM-Model/CLM5.0 Tutorial--Creating and Running a CESM Model.docx at master · cwsauburn/Creating-and-Running-a-CESM-Model I wanted to know from where to download the input data for the model.
  11. Z

    Several questions about soil layer structure

    Dear scientists, I have several questions about soil layer structure in CLM4.5 and CLM5.0 (1) Why soil layer structure is non-linear in CLM4.5 and CLM5.0? Why is the difference between the two version? (2) Running CLM4.5 or CLM5.0 over a single-point, observations at 5, 10, 20, 40cm were...
  12. N

    Several questions about CLM5.0 porting

    Hi, i'm a new user of clm5.0. I have several questions (1) I see the Global Attributes in the output file showing: title = 'CLM History file information' comment = 'NOTE: None of the variables...
  13. H

    surfrd_get_data ERROR: sum of wt_lunit not 1.0

    Hi, I am running CESM2.1.3 with FMOZ compset, trying to see the impact of landcover change. I keep on changing "PCT_NAT_PFT", "PCT_NAT_PFT+PCT_CFT" and "PCT_NAT_PFT+PCT_CFT+PCT_CROP". Making change on the first two runs well, but when I change PCT_CROP along with PCT_NAT_PFT & PCT_CFT, there is...
  14. J

    What's the difference among TSKIN(skin temperature), TG(ground temperature) and TV(vegetation temature) in CLM5.0 output?

    Hi, I want to validate the CLM5.0 output LST with that of MODIS LST(MOD11A1), I know MODIS LST is skin temperature, so should I use the variable 'TSKIN' of CLM output to compare? I just see there are three kinds of temperature(i.e., TSKIN, TG and TV) in clm5.0 output, however there is...
  15. J

    CLM5.0 ERROR: component_mod:check_fields NaN found in ATM instance: 1 field Sa_u 1d global index: 398.

    Dear staff, I only run CLM5.0 and build it successfully. However, when I ./case.submit, error in cesm.log shows; ERROR: component_mod:check_fields NaN found in ATM instance: 1 field Sa_u 1d global index: 398. The atmospheric forcing dataset I'm using is CLDAS, and using ‘CLMGSWP3v1’...
  16. U

    An error in CLM5.0 mksurfdata process

    When I run ./ -r usrspec -hirespft -usr_gname 0.05x0.05 -usr_gdate 210328 to make surface map at 0.05 degree, there exist an error below ------------------------------------- Attempting to make Topography statistics..... domain_read_dims_1d read 1-d length from num_pixels...
  17. ChrisPp

    CLM5-BGC: 3 kilometer Europe: Curvilinear Grid? Restart file not compatible?

    I am using CTSM (Version ctsm1.0.dev084-306-gb146c62) to model Europe on a 3km grid with CLM5-BGC. I had regrid the domain and surface files created by the supplied gen_domain and to fit the required 3 km grid. Because i read in some posts that it is not possible for CLM to model...
  18. K

    How to spin up a transient climate simulation

    Hello, I am configuring a transient climate simulation using BSSP585 compset. I need to spin up my simulation before I ran my simulation from 2015-2100, because I modified the surface data and assigned individual soil column to each pfts. I think the spin up could be done by creating a...
  19. S

    The error of running ./case.submit

    I created the case:./create_newcase --case sp_clm_serial --res f19_g17 --compset I2000Clm50SpGs --mach homebrew --run-unsupported But when I'm using commands:./case.submit The following error occurred: [root@localhost sp_clm_serial]# sudo ./case.submit Creating component namelists Calling...
  20. S

    The error of running ./case.submit

    When I started using commands/ case.submit The following error occurred: Client protocol gftp not enabled Using protocol wget with user anonymous and passwd Could not connect to repo '' This is most likely either a proxy, or network issue ...