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  1. X

    How to modify the source code?

    Hi, Recently I have been trying to modify some of the CLM code to see the impact on the results. I was interested in soil carbon, so I tried to deal with the decomposition of soil carbon, and I did a simple test. Created a CASE - I2000Clm50Cn first, and then I copied...
  2. A

    Is it possible to change grid resolution and eco-physiological parameter values for I2000clm50FatesCruRsGs?

    Hello everyone, I have recently started to work on CESM and so far I have been able to port CESM to my machine. My prime objective is to work on GPP using CLM compset I2000clm50FatesCruRsGs as I am interested in DGVM. However, I see that it is a defined compset but not a tested one. So I have a...
  3. H

    Questions about creating surface data

    Hello everyone! According to the CLM5.0 user's guide, I am trying to create my own surface data.First, I generate a SCRIPgrids based on the raw data and get 3 files:
  4. jgx

    How to use own raw data to create surface data

    Hi everyone, According to the CLM5.0 user's guide, If I want to create my own surface data, I need to first generate a SCRIPgrids based on the raw data, then use to generate corresponding map files, and finally use mkserfdata_map generate surface daataset. What I want to know is, if...
  5. K

    An error when I set "use_soil_mositure_stream=.ture. "

    Hi everyone, I would like to investigate the role of soil moisture in the influence of the Atlantic Multidecadal Variability (AMV) on the Eurasian climate. Therefore, I would like to design an experiment with prescribed postive-AMO SST pattern in Northern Atlantic and climatology of soil...
  6. X

    what is the diffrence between TSKIN from clm and TS from atm

    Hi, everyone, I have finished a simulation using FHIST for periods 1990-1994, i have checked the output of tempeature variable, There is TSKIN in clm and TS in atm, the TS is described as the radiation temperature,but the TSKIN is also the radiation tempeature? I am not sure their differnce, i...
  7. K

    Soil-moisture nudging experiment

    Hi, I am trying to nudge soil moisture to climotology in F2000climo in CESM2. I only found the Nudging Experiment example (U, V, T, Q) in CAM6.3 User guide. How can I perform a Soil-moisture nudging experiment? I think this experiment should be based on the CLM%, but I haven't found any...
  8. K

    Soil-moisture nudging experiments in CESM2

    Hi, I am trying to nudge soil moisture to climotology in F2000climo in CESM2. I only found the Nudging Experiment example (U, V, T, Q) in CAM6.3 User guide. How can I perform a Soil-moisture nudging experiment? I think this experiment should be based on the CLM%, but I haven't found any...
  9. H

    Error when use ./check_input_data --download

    My machine is a centos7 supercomputer at NIES (Japan) with PBS batch sytem. I executed the following commands with all commands executed successfully without errors. ./create_newcase --case I1850CLM50_001 --res f19_g17 --compset I1850Clm50Sp --mach sx-aurora ./case.setup ./ After...
  10. D

    DATM setting for CLM compsets

    Hello, everyone. I been confused with the DATM setting we have been used in the hist or 1850 or 2000 compsets. The question is: does datm stream file will automatic align with the option of "RUN_STARDATE"? For example, if I set the RUN STARDATE = 2001, but the stream didn't change, then what...
  11. D

    Can we use the datasets of cmip6 as the datm sources of the clm and mosart input data forcing?

    Hello everyone, I am going to run a sim_year range without the datm7 data support by an "I" compset, such as the years like 1850-1860. Can I use the cmip6 historical experiment data as the datm input for the specific case? For example, the datm forcing data usually contains precipitation...
  12. J

    How to fix a certain type of PFT in CLM5.0

    Hello everyone! Thank you for seeing my questions. My case is IHistClm50SpCru (HIST_DATM%CRUv7_CLM50%SP_SICE_SOCN_MOSART_CISM2%NOEVOLVE_SWAV). I want to research how the land cover type influnce the soil temperature, so I want to fix one type of PFT and compare it with default test. But the PFT...
  13. L

    Missing File: ""

    Hello everyone! I am running CLM5 for a single point in my computer and I have read the guide Example: Creating a surface dataset for a single point. When compile the "gen_domain", I used the following command: ../../../configure --macros-format Makefile --mpilib mpi-serial --machine...
  14. MrIgnition

    Can my forcing have inconsistent timesteps?

    Hi, I like to use CMIP 6 projections in CLM5. My finding is that some of the data belonging to one scenario and from one global model may have inconsistent temporal resolutions. For example, precipitation can be 6 hourly, temperature 3 hourly, and incoming solar radiation hourly. Can I put files...
  15. B

    CLM5.0 vs. CTSM5.1 in CPLHIST mode

    Hello, I have successfully run CTSM release-clm5.0 in CPLHIST mode in the past. When I apply the same methods to ctsm5.1.dev133, I get the following error for cpl files after submitting the case: Model datm missing file file730 =...
  16. C

    The abnormal temperature variations by change fsurdata

    Hi,all. I changed the fsurdata of amazon area in the post. I run a control test using the default as F2000climo. the changed test using F2000climo,but I changed the fusrdata in amazon area. For the changed test, I spinup 50 years. And I continue to run 50 years. For the control test, i just...
  17. C

    How to output the landuse cover dataset in F2000climo?

    Hi,all! I'm using F2000climo to simulate global changes from 2000-2050, I now want to output the 2000-2050 surface coverage dataset, what variables should I pick to output? Is it in the CLM component?
  18. S

    Could FSDS be changed?

    Dear all, I have doubt with the output variable "FSDS" in clm2.h0 files. From my perspective, FSDS means the downwelling shortwave raidation land received and FSDS = FSA (absorbed) + FSR (reflected). From biogeophys/BalanceCheckMod.F90, I know that fsa(p) + fsr(p) - (forc_solad(g,1) +...
  19. S

    How can I get LAI of each PFT using CLM5

    fsurdat='/scratch01/csy/surfdata/'(my new surfdata) hist_avgflag_pertape = 'A' hist_nhtfrq = -192 hist_mfilt = 1 hist_empty_htapes = .true hist_fincl1='TLAI' The 'TLAI' is a 2D array for the global LAI. But I need to output the LAI of...
  20. H

    Why would the "time" dimension read differently by "ncdump -h" and "Python" for the same nc file?

    Hi, I find it surprising that the same CESM2.2 CLM model output NetCDF file displays different "time" values when opened on different systems. Opening it using ncdump shows JANUARY: time:units = "days since 2015-01-01 00:00:00" while opening the same file by Python shows FEBRUARY...