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  1. M

    Error in preview_namelists: expect a F90 constant for a namelist instead got

    Dear scientist, Thank you for your previous help. My goal using clm5.0 is to run a simple single point case (in a city) using default forcing data like CRUNCEP or QIAN. The surface data and domain file have been created suffessfully ( I don't know whether their namings are correct or not...
  2. M

    ERROR in mksurfdata_map: netcdf error from domain_read rcode =2 error =No such file or directory

    Dear scientist, Now I'm trying to create a surface dataset for a single point, however ,in the last setp using mksurfdata.pl, it failed. (1) cd /home/shenhf/majun/clm5.0/tools/mksurfdata_map/src (2) gmake (I have changed netcdf settings in Makefile.common, screenshot of changes is attached...
  3. M

    Ask about inputdata download

    Dear scientist, Now I have ported clm5.0 to my centos6. I just want to do a simply test in a city for several days or several months. First I use ./getregional_datasets.pl -ne 32.0,116.5 -sw 29.0,112.0 -i myinfile -o myoutlist to obtain my regional surfacedatasets. Then...
  4. M

    Ask about Z0m(roughness lengths for momentum)in CLM50_Tech_Note

    Dear scientist, Recently, I read the chapter5 "Momentum, Sensible Heat, and Latent Heat Fluxes" in CLM50_Tech_Note, however, a question bothered me . I want to know the Influence factors of Z0m(roughness lengths for momentum), I just found plant height and adjusted for canopy density that...
  5. BoHuang

    CAM6 crashed in FHIST_BGC (compset) with f09_f09_mg17 grid

    Dear all, recently, I am working on development version of CAM6 with SE dyncore. I have worked on the released CESM2.1. My settings work fine. The settings also work in FHS94 compset with f09_f09_mg17 grid. I want use FHIST_BGC and f09_f09_mg17 (./create_newcase --case...
  6. M

    Error when excute mkmapdata.sh :unable to detect the source grid file type

    Dear Scientist, Recently I want to run a regional case (centerpoint is 114.1°E,30.4°N,grid number is 10×10, and the grid resolution is 0.1°×0.1° ) using CRUNCEP as forcing data and Jackson as surface datasets. However, there are two questions bothering me: 1. The correct step is using...
  7. M

    How to create surface datasets in regional simulation using clm5.0

    Dear scientist, Recently I want to run a regional case using CRUNCEP as forcing data and Jackson as surface datasets. However, there are two questions bothering me. 1. The correct step is using mkscripgrid.ncl to create scripgrid file ,then using mkmapdata.sh to create mapping file, then...
  8. M

    Running with your own atmosphere forcing

    Hi all, I am trying to run CLM5 using my own atmospheric forcing. I followed the guide on http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/models/cesm1.2/clm/models/lnd/clm/doc/UsersGuide/x12979.html but somethings still appear unclear. 1. the file link_dirtree does not seem to exist in my scripts directory 2. the...
  9. K

    Running CLM with f02g16 resolution

    Hello! I am new to CLM and I am trying to run a case with as fine resolution as I can. I know f02g16 resolution is not supported by NCAR, so I tried to create the domain and surfdata by myself. However, when I following the steps listed in CIME 5.6 document 3.2 Adding Grids, it did not work...
  10. A

    Modifying dust aerosol inventory over a certain region though code modification in CESM2-CLM5

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to add a new inventory for dust aerosols over a certain region in CESM2-CLM5. My objective is to modify dust aerosols over a particular region and add my inventory. So far I have looked into this code in CLM5 which controls the dust emission...
  11. M

    BUILD FAIL: pop.buildlib failed (trouble in porting cesm2.1.1)

    Dear all, Now , I am porting cesm2.1.1 to centos6, however there was some trouble: I use the command as follows: (1) ./create_newcase --case test_case --res f19_g17 --compset B1850 --mach majun (2) ./case.setup (3)./case.build error occurs in the step "./case.build", it shows: ERROR: BUILD...
  12. A

    Getting Error during case build (clm 5.0)

    I have created case first then, created case setup and download all the required data-sets and when I proceed to build case i am getting error what should i do. Please help me this regard. I am getting error when running the script ./case.build. wcl@wcl:~/CLM_5_run/case/test7$ sudo...