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input data

  1. J

    Downloading observational data and CAM6 model output data

    Hi all, I am an undergrad at Iowa State University that is looking to utilize CAM6 outputs to compare against observational datasets for a project. I am looking to work with data from the CAM6 runs with prescribed monthly SST's. I have been able to easily locate the available diagnostic...
  2. S

    Input data for CLM

    I am new to CLM and have been successful until the case.setup step following Creating-and-Running-a-CESM-Model/CLM5.0 Tutorial--Creating and Running a CESM Model.docx at master · cwsauburn/Creating-and-Running-a-CESM-Model I wanted to know from where to download the input data for the model.
  3. MrIgnition

    Information about citing of data used in CLM5

    Hi all, I need to cite some of the datasets used in CLM5 for my work. The atmospheric forcings were easy to cite as some of their articles are still available online. I am however not able to provide the citation for soil texture and land use datasets. Information about their licenses will also...
  4. Z

    The inputdata could not be found in the website "https://svn-ccsm-inputdata.cgd.ucar.edu/trunk/inputdata/share/domains/"

    Hi,everyone, I try to run a QPC6 case(the version is CESM2.2.0) with the resolution named "ne0CONUSne30x8_ne0CONUSne30x8_mg17",when I try to submit it, it inform me that I don't have the inputdata named "domain.ocn.ne0CONUSne30x8_gx1v7.190322.nc",I try to find it in the website...
  5. F

    Porting to a local machine, can't automatically download the input data.

    I am trying to run CLM5.0 on my local machine. I was able to successfully build a case and run the model in the past (using the same machine), but I am getting an error this time (with case.submit while trying to download the input data), which seems to be related to connection to the repository...
  6. R

    Data products from an 80 member reanalysis using CAM6 and DART

    We have recently finished a 2011-2019 reanalysis using CAM6 and DART. Several data sets have been archived to the Research Data Archive 345.0. They are designed to be useful to a variety of researchers in the CESM community. We're interested to know whether you feel that this would be a...
  7. C

    Automatic input data download failed

    Hi, I'm trying to verify my installation with the default case: ./create_newcase --machine=homebrew --case mycase --compset X --res f19_g16. I managed to get the setup and build to pass. However, the automatic download of the input_data fails; a manual download works but its just very tedious...
  8. W

    what is the difference between input data and forcing data for a coupled model run in CESM1.2.2

    Running a coupled model with F compset and two different CAM physics downloaded its input data from the server. Now, i have few questions for some clarification before analyzing them. 1- Suppose my model is already in a balance state with appropriate recommended spin-up, do i need any extra...
  9. M

    Error when excute mkmapdata.sh :unable to detect the source grid file type

    Dear Scientist, Recently I want to run a regional case (centerpoint is 114.1°E,30.4°N,grid number is 10×10, and the grid resolution is 0.1°×0.1° ) using CRUNCEP as forcing data and Jackson as surface datasets. However, there are two questions bothering me: 1. The correct step is using...
  10. M

    How to create surface datasets in regional simulation using clm5.0

    Dear scientist, Recently I want to run a regional case using CRUNCEP as forcing data and Jackson as surface datasets. However, there are two questions bothering me. 1. The correct step is using mkscripgrid.ncl to create scripgrid file ,then using mkmapdata.sh to create mapping file, then...
  11. S

    how to include inputdata for building a case in CESM2

    Hi, I am trying to build a case but I am not sure how to include inputdata my steps are below cd $CESMROOT/cime/scripts ./create_newcase --case ~/cases/case01 --compset B1850 --res f09_g17 cd ~/cases/case01/ ./case.setup ./case.build then I receive the error ERROR: Failed to find or download...
  12. K

    Problem running CESM: failed to converge

    Hi all, I run CESM2.1.2 on my laboratory computer. I set STOP_OPTION=nsteps, STOP_N=1, but the calculation never stops. cesm.log file says " imp_sol: time step 1800.000 failed to converge @ (lchnk,vctrpos,nstep) = 2616 52 0 imp_sol: time step 1800.000 failed to...
  13. L

    Downloading input data - B1850 compset - no server response

    Hi- My terminal is showing the following when I run ./check_input_data --download --protocol svn Loading input file list: 'Buildconf/cam.input_data_list' Loading input file list: 'Buildconf/clm.input_data_list' Loading input file list: 'Buildconf/cice.input_data_list' Loading input file list...