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  1. C

    POP-ECT Failure with CESM2.1.3

    Hi all I am double checking a port of CESM 2.1.3 on Archer2 and the POP-ECT test is failing, even though the UF-ECT succeeds with no issue. The output on the verification website is I am running with the following modules loaded, and the architecture is AMD EPYC (mentioned because a thread...
  2. M

    POP-ECT Failure

    Hello, I am using CESM 2.1.3 and it can run normally without any error. My machine have passed the CESM UF-ECT successfully before, so I think my porting is OK. For the sake of scientific rigor, I decide to run the POP-ECT before officially running my experiment, i.e., cmip6 piControl and...
  3. N

    Failed to convert GOTPCREL relocation: building cesm1_2 on NERSC Cori

    After the recently system update on Cori, I can’t build the CESM1.2 on NERSC Cori any more. It gives the error message below: Load a valid targeting module or set CRAY_CPU_TARGET ccsm_comp_mod.o: in function `ccsm_comp_mod_mp_ccsm_run_': ccsm_comp_mod.F90:(.text+0x28): relocation truncated to...
  4. T

    Issue with setting up CESM on new system

    Dear CESM community, We have been trying to set up CESM v2.1.3 on the new system at our institute but we're facing a lot of problems. As it stands now, we are able to create a case and build it successfully. When we submit the job, an error shows up (segmentation fault) in the log files...
  5. P

    Porting issues with CESM2.2, multiple errors in

    Hello, (I tried to post this before, but I think it was rejected, probably because I attached the files wrongly. If that is not the case, and this is a duplicate, please let me know and delete this. Thank you!) I am attempting to port CESM2.2 to a local linux machine with intel and gnu...
  6. C

    SIGFPE errors in prealpha tests for CESM 2.1.3

    I am trying to verify a port on the Archer2 computer in Edinburgh and am running the pre-alpha tests. After much trial and error I have got the number of failed tests down to "only" 29 out of 70 tests. A full 19 of those remaining 29 are floating point errors in one of three files...
  7. X

    Error in porting CESM1.2

    Hi! I ported the iCESM1.2, after i set the variables in env_build.xml, env_mach_pes.xml and env_run.xml, and called the cesm_setup again,there was the error: Running preview_namelist script Illegal variable name. ERROR: /home/user/iCESM1.2/scripts/test1/preview_namelists failed: 65280...
  8. M

    How to download inputdata without access to ftp server

    I am porting CESM 2.1.3 to my school HPC which does not allow FTP connections. Therefore, error occurs when downloading the inputdata. I've contacted the administrator of our school HPC and they said the HPC is prohibited from connecting to FTP server for security reasons. So how can I down...
  9. R

    Job not completing at wallclock time

    I'm currently porting CESM2 to our local hpc at the University of Leeds. I have been having issues with resubmissions. The initialisation job runs, and any resubmit just runs from the beginning again. I can't seem to find any errors in the log files, nor any confirmation that the job finished...
  10. E

    Porting CESM and E3SM to the same machine

    Hello, I have a working version of CESM ported to my machine with the .xml files inn my $HOME/.cime directory. Now I need to port E3SM to the same machine, but I'm not sure how to do this without affecting the CESM install. Is this even possible? THanks for any insights on this issue.
  11. J

    Ported CESM2 returns error

    Hi folks, I've run into an error when running the cesm2.1.3 model version (full version info attached) on the ARCHER2 HPC in Scotland. I'm trying to do a 3 month integration using the F2000 compset. A quick integration of a couple of days worked fine, but we had issues with the batch system on...
  12. adrienD

    Improve performance, calculation time of CTSM on new supercomputer

    Hi everyone, I am trying to run CTSM on a 446x450 regional grid over the arctic on the new supercomputer mistral. So far, I am able to run a one-year simulation with 24 nodes (160 nodes/h) in 6 hours 43 minutes real-time. I don't have any particular issue but I'd like to know if anyone has a...
  13. B

    CESM2.1.3 build failed for B1850,about lapack and blas

    Dear all, I encountered some problems when building the case B1850 on HPC, but the case X has been built and ran sucessfully although it had some warnings during the build. And I have already spent almost two weeks trying to make B1850 work without success. After running the following for the...
  14. adrienD

    PIO2 build is not working

    Hi everyone, I am trying to run a default run with CTSM on the new supercomputer mistral. I've been successfully able to make the porting and build the model with the ctsm5.1.dev013 (which use PIO1) version on mistral. However for other reasons (see here), I try to remake this porting with...
  15. adrienD

    Build fail on non-supported grid - Buildnml

    Hi everyone, I am trying to run CTSM on my own regional domain over the Arctic. I have successfully created the SCRIP, surfdata_map and domain files. However, when I try to build the model, I have this error message: Calling /mnt/lustre02/work/aa0049/a271098/CTSM/cime_config/buildnml ERROR...
  16. T

    ./ error (mct) porting

    Hi, everyone. I met a problem when I build case. The error was described shortly "NETCDF_C_PATH specified without NETCDF_FORTRAN_PATH". Stop. This problem has disturbed me for a weeks. Have anyone can help me ? Thanks!!!
  17. F

    Porting to a local machine, can't automatically download the input data.

    I am trying to run CLM5.0 on my local machine. I was able to successfully build a case and run the model in the past (using the same machine), but I am getting an error this time (with case.submit while trying to download the input data), which seems to be related to connection to the repository...
  18. adrienD

    Does CESM2 supports netcdf shared libraries?

    I'm working on porting CESM 2 to the German supercomputer Mistral. My building is working fine. However, when I try to make any runs, I have the following error message: /work/aa0049/a271098/CTSM/scratch/I1850CLM50_021/bld/cesm.exe: error while loading shared libraries: cannot...
  19. Y

    Error after submit case

    Hi , I am still trying to port CESM2 to my university HPC. There is no errors wehen I executed ./ After I executing ./case.submit, error pops up (shown below): **************************************************************************************************************************...
  20. adrienD

    Porting on Mistral: ERROR: buildlib.csm_share FAILED

    Hi everyone, I am trying to port CTSM on Mistral. I am having a problem when I try to build the model. You can find attached the log file and the config xml files. I guess it's a problem with my C compiler but I don't know how to resolve it. Any suggestions? Thanks, Adrien