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  1. Z

    Question about the extra model top layer for radiation

    Hi, I am looking at the radiation calculation in CAM, and notice this in the CAM3 documentation: I wonder if this is still true in CAM5 or CAM6, and if there is any more detailed documentation on how the properties of this layer are chosen? Thanks!
  2. R

    Outlining the major differences between CCSM3 and Chou's Radiation Model

    Hello, I was looking at this site that shows a variety of things, including the equilibrium surface temperature given a series of specified parameters. It gives an option to swap between the CCSM3 and the Chou Model, of which I think more can be found about here. The models output different...
  3. T

    Scaling factor for aerosol optical depth in CAM 6

     In CAM 3, it was possible to add a scaling factor for aerosol mass using SCL_RF options. I was wondering if there is any way to do this in CAM 6. I was also wondering if it is possible to scale aerosol optical depth instead of the mass. Ideally, I would want to do this with radiation...