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    ask for the restart files of F2000climo

    Dear all, Do you have the restart files of F2000climo configuration after reaching the equilibrium state? I need these files to create the IOP files for SCAM model. And I have a question, should the IOP and initial files be created based on CAM output at equilibrium state?
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    error in restart process for Single Column Atmosphere Model (SCAM)

    Dear all, I met a problem during the restart process for Single Column Atmosphere Model (SCAM). The configuration is FSCAM and CESM2.1.3 is used. The available running period of the IOP is 365 days. Firstly, I ran the model for 30 days successfully, but it failed when I wanted to restart it for...
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    Generating a straight line with hybrid sigma pressure coordinates on y-axis

    Hi, I am perturbing a forcing file for a single column run for CAM. I am changing the vertical profile for temperature at a particular time step, such that the calculated T in SCAM will be relaxed to this profile. I have the hybrid sigma pressure on the y-axis, and T on the x axis. Now, I have...
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    error when run the SCAM

    Dear all, I use CESM2.1.3 to run CAM single model (SCAM). The setup and build processes succeed, but when I submitted it, it failed and the log is shown in the picture. How can I address this bug? Thank you so much! I totally followed the steps in User Guide:
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    Invalid value error for "scm_iop_lhflxshflxTg=.true."

    I am running a single column model and I set the following variable in the namelist: scm_iop_lhflxshflxTg=.true. However when I try to build the case, I get the following: "err=CAM build-namelist - ERROR: Invalid namelist variable in '-infile' .../Case_3.1/Buildconf/camconf/namelist. ERROR...
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    SCAM build error after adding a namelist variable

    HI, I recently added a logical namelist variable in to the group of phys_ctl_nl following the steps: 1. add the definition of the new namelist variable into the file namelist_definition.xml at the directory of components/cam/bld/namelist_files/namelist_definition.xml 2. add the variable in the...
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    Error using build from a different case

    I am running a few hundred cases for the single column compset SCAM for cesm2.1.0 to create an emulator, and I'm trying to avoid having to build each case separately. Since I am only perturbing namelist parameters each build should be identical. I have successfully built and ran a base case...
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    Resources for Aerosol Climatologies

    Hi, I am running a single column simulation for CAM, in order to model variability in radiative forcing due to anthropogenic surface aerosol. In the SCAM compset, aerosol species are relaxed to the aerosol climatologies in the initial profile. I would like to get an idea of how much...
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    Namelist variables related to aerosol activation in MAM4 (for SCAM simulations)

    Hi, I am replicating a sensitivity analysis conducted using the Global Model of Aerosol Processes (GLOMAP), with a SCAM6 simulation using the MAM4 aerosol representation. As a first step, I'm trying to match input variables used in the GLOMAP analysis, with namelist variables in SCAM6, which I...