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branch run error: (ocn_import): qsw aggregation mismatch exceeds threshold


New Member
I intend to run G compset(only pop) for 100 years first, then turn on MARBL component from 101th year for the subsequent simulation, in order to shorten spin-up time.
So I try to do a branch run at 101th year.

First I run G compset(no MARBL) for 100 years to get restart files(CASE1);
And I run G compset(include MARBL ) for only several years to get restart files(CASE2);
Then I modify the restart files of CASE1(*.pop.r.* and *.cpl.r.* ), extract the fields of biogeochemical variables from the restart files in CASE2 and write into the restart files of CASE1.

But I always get an error when I submit a branch run, the cesm.log content as follows:

MCT::m_Router::initp_: GSMap indices not increasing...Will correct
qsw aggregation mismatch exceeds threshold i_glob=209 j_glob=3 qsw_col_dagg_1pt=-0.322820E-02 qsw_bin_dagg_1pt=-0.322820E-02
ERROR: Error: (ocn_import): qsw aggregation mismatch exceeds threshold
qsw aggregation mismatch exceeds threshold i_glob=217 j_glob=6 qsw_col_dagg_1pt=-0.436082E+00 qsw_bin_dagg_1pt=-0.436082E+00
ERROR: Error: (ocn_import): qsw aggregation mismatch exceeds threshold
qsw aggregation mismatch exceeds threshold i_glob=315 j_glob=4 qsw_col_dagg_1pt=-0.717677E+01 qsw_bin_dagg_1pt=-0.717677E+01
ERROR: Error: (ocn_import): qsw aggregation mismatch exceeds threshold
Image PC Routine Line Source
cesm.exe 000000000123027A Unknown Unknown Unknown
cesm.exe 0000000000D74A10 shr_abort_mod_mp_ 114 shr_abort_mod.F90
cesm.exe 0000000000A24875 mcog_mp_import_mc 665 mcog.F90
cesm.exe 0000000000740A6D ocn_import_export 312 ocn_import_export.F90
cesm.exe 0000000000736B6A ocn_comp_mct_mp_o 632 ocn_comp_mct.F90
cesm.exe 0000000000435D30 component_mod_mp_ 728 component_mod.F90
cesm.exe 000000000041BA06 cime_comp_mod_mp_ 3423 cime_comp_mod.F90
cesm.exe 0000000000435977 MAIN__ 125 cime_driver.F90
cesm.exe 0000000000417EA2 Unknown Unknown Unknown
libc-2.17.so 00002B43EF9C9555 __libc_start_main Unknown Unknown
cesm.exe 0000000000417DA9 Unknown Unknown Unknown

I wonder if it's acceptable to spinup in this way? What's the reason for this error?
Any suggestions or help are highly appreciated. Thank you so much!