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    Lack of JRA55 data on cheyenne

    I found that there is no SWUP and DN10 data under this direction: /glade/p/cesmdata/cseg/inputdata/ocn/jra55/v1.3_noleap. I'm wondering If I want to use POP2 for OGCM simulation experiments with JRA55 data for forcing, would it affect the results if I use SWUP and DN10 data under the original...
  2. C

    branch run error: (ocn_import): qsw aggregation mismatch exceeds threshold

    Hello, I intend to run G compset(only pop) for 100 years first, then turn on MARBL component from 101th year for the subsequent simulation, in order to shorten spin-up time. So I try to do a branch run at 101th year. First I run G compset(no MARBL) for 100 years to get restart files(CASE1)...
  3. U

    FATAL ERROR: Empty stream

    Hello, everyone. I cp $CCSMROOT/models/ocn/pop2/input_templates/gx1v7_tavg_contents to $CASE/SourceMods/src.pop/ and comment out unnecessary streams (only retain stream 1, which is h.). And I modified the tavg_nml in pop_in the $CASE/run/ to delete unnecessary output stream. Then I run...
  4. D

    Understanding this strange looking MOC output

    Hi, Shown below are two MOC diagnostics which directly plot the Atlantic MOC streamfunction generated by POP2. The one on the left is a PI MOC while the one on the right is for a LGM-like simulation in which the Bering Strait and the Canadian Archipelago are closed and small coastline changes...
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    Running ocean-only with changing CO2 values

    I want to run a G1850ECO_IAF case with changing CO2 values overtime. For this I changed OCN_CO2_TYPE = diagnostic, CCSM_BGC = CO2A and DATM_CO2_TSERIES = 20tr. It runs for at least 1 month but the output of ATM_CO2 is constantly 0. Did I miss an option or is CCSM_BGC set to the wrong value?
  6. J

    CESM1.2.z - memory leak when using intel 14.x compiler

    The intel 14 compiler causes a memory leak in the pop model in file diags_on_lat_aux_grid.F90The following change resolves the problem: --- diags_on_lat_aux_grid.F90(revision 64866)+++ diags_on_lat_aux_grid.F90(working copy)@@ -711,8 +711,11 @@         REGION_MASK_LAT_AUX(:,:,2) =...
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    CESM1.1.z and CESM1.2.z - Issue using RESUBMIT option in env_run.xml when setting certain variables in user_nl_pop2

    Affected Releases CESM1.1.z and CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1861) There are some variables in the pop2 namelist that are set by build-namelist based on environment variables. For example, init_ts_option is usually 'ccsm_startup', 'ccsm_branch', 'ccsm_hybrid', or 'ccsm_continue' depending on the values of...
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    CESM1.1.z and CESM1.2.z -The check_input_data script does not grab POP's .hdr files (associated with binary data files) from the

    Affected Releases - CESM1.1.z and CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1877) Details included in the Bugzilla report.The check_input_data script does not grab POP's .hdr files (associated with binary data files) from the inputdata repository, so data is not read correctly on new machines until these files are...