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Build fail on non-supported grid - Buildnml


Adrien Damseaux
Hi everyone,

I am trying to run CTSM on my own regional domain over the Arctic. I have successfully created the SCRIP, surfdata_map and domain files. However, when I try to build the model, I have this error message:

Calling /mnt/lustre02/work/aa0049/a271098/CTSM/cime_config/buildnml
ERROR: Command /mnt/lustre02/work/aa0049/a271098/CTSM/bld/build-namelist failed rc=255
err=ERROR : CLM build-namelist::CLMBuildNamelist::add_default() : No default value found for fsurdat.
Are defaults provided for this resolution and land mask?

I think the CLMBuildNamelist cannot retrieve the surfdata_map files I have created. What should I do to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance,


p.s.: Since I am working on a supercomputer not supported by CTSM (Mistral/DKRZ), I have also uploaded the config_batch.xml and config_machines.xml files. I have tried to run the model with a supported resolution on this supercomputer and it's working. I have also uploaded the output from running git describe and ./manage_externals/checkout_externals --status --verbose.


  • git describe.txt
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Adrien Damseaux
"Model build has finished successfully", thanks a lot for your help!

P.S.: if people are having the same issue, be sure to add "fsurdat" (and not "fsurfdat"!) in user_nl_clm