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CESM 2.1: Writing one variable to multiple streams (monthly and daily averaged files)


New Member
I am trying to write out the variable WTT in both the monthly averaged and daily averaged files. As per this documentation I thought adding a _2 suffix is required if you want to write out the same variable in multiple output streams. For example, I have lines like these in the file tx0.1v3_tavg_contents:


The above two lines did not cause any problem but the following lines do as I get an error message saying the requested field WTT_2 is unknown:

2 WTT_2

Any ideas on what am I doing wrong here?


CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
This is a POP related question, so I have moved it. The tag "WTT_2" needs to be explicitly defined in the POP code. Only fields that have already been set for the daily stream work this way. It is relatively easy to add fields in POP though. See the FAQ here: