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    An error in CLM5.0 mksurfdata process

    When I run ./mksurfdata.pl -r usrspec -hirespft -usr_gname 0.05x0.05 -usr_gdate 210328 to make surface map at 0.05 degree, there exist an error below ------------------------------------- Attempting to make Topography statistics..... domain_read_dims_1d read 1-d length from num_pixels...
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    CESM 2.1: Writing one variable to multiple streams (monthly and daily averaged files)

    I am trying to write out the variable WTT in both the monthly averaged and daily averaged files. As per this documentation I thought adding a _2 suffix is required if you want to write out the same variable in multiple output streams. For example, I have lines like these in the file...
  3. M

    Identifying appropriate tests and fixes for port of CESM 2.1 on a 40 core system

    We plan on using up to 40 cores on a linux cluster, with a focus on CESM 2.1 for short runs of a coarse resolution atmosphere model – see attached for the describe version file. (I was helped in forum posts around July.) I would like guidance on what tests of our installation should be run...
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    A question about running CESM 2.1.3

    I am a user of CESM2.1.3, I plan to study the land NPP from 1979 to 2015. But I'm confused about the spin up process of CESM2.1.3. The Fig.4(attach) in the article named The Community Earth System Model Version 2 (CESM2) is not easy to understand. If I want to run CESM from 1979 to 2015 at...
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    Bug/feature in cam_diagnostics.F90 produces wrong Q925 output

    Hello FYI I am using CAM from CESM 2.1. The code logic in cam_diagnostics.F90 near line 1413 is not correct, and produces a wrong Q925 output, which is nonphysical, follows the topography; has a range that straddles negative values; has near-zero values over the ocean, etc. That code logic...
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    WACCM-X crash at high solar activity - reduce time step?

    Hello all,I am running a CESM2.1.0 WACCM-X historical compset (FXHIST) on a HPC facility in the UK. My simulation ran successfully from 1950-01-01 until 1957-12-21, at which point it crashes. Sometimes the following error appears in the cesm and/or atm log file:SHR_REPROSUM_CALC: Input contains ...