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CESM1.2.z - Minor -- lake hydrology bug when sudden intense snowstorm occurs preceeded by warm weather.


Staff member
Affected Releases - CESM1.2.z(Bugzilla 1717) For CLM4.5, I found one error that is not just a typo but also shows up in a rarely exercised portion of the code (most likely a sudden very intense snowstorm-- ~8 cm/hr -- preceded by warmer weather) in SLakeHydrology, where the top lake layer temperature is likely being set incorrectly. I haven't tested this, but after looking it over, I think line 794 should be changed from"t_lake(c,1) = t_lake(c,1) - heatrem/(cpliq*denh2o*dz_lake(c,1))"to"t_lake(c,1) = tfrz + heatrem/(cpliq*denh2o*dz_lake(c,1))"So you could make another low-priority bug report for that.