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CESM1(+) preprocessor for simple box model validations of WACCM chemistry


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WACCM CHEM PREPROCESSOR was available in WACCM-3 in 2009 being distributed as a .tar-file to run the preprocessor externally as it follows from the comment of D.Marsh at New species
Unfortunately, recent contributions and tutorials don't let suggesting that a preprocessor could be extracted from CESM to test new chemical rates and reactions using modest computational resources. Instead, a case should be created using a modified preprocessor input file and the whole CESM1(+) model should be built with new chemistry to test. Could you please provide some links describing how new chemistry can be studied using a simple 0 or 1 dimensional box model for typical upper mesosphere cases used for testing chemistry? Where typical cases are distributed as input .nc-files for a box model or, perhaps, CESM simpler models to test chemistry?