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CESM2.0.z: In transient cases without prognostic crops (including satellite phenology cases), %crop stays fixed at 1850 values


Bill Sacks
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
In CESM2.0.z: In transient cases without prognostic crops, %crop stays fixed at 1850 values, rather than changing each year. This affects CLM45 and CLM50 transient compsets without 'Crop' in their name; specifically the following (compsets in bold are ones that were listed as scientifically supported in CESM2.0.z):
  • IHistClm50Sp
  • IHistClm45BgcGs
  • IHistClm45BgcCruGs
  • IHistClm50Bgc
  • IHistClm50BgcQianGs
  • IHistClm50SpG
  • IHistClm45Bgc
 See https://github.com/ESCOMP/ctsm/issues/538 for details