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Error when creating new case: Could not find machine match for


New Member
I will do that. In the meantime, is there no way I can simply modify the path so that it fetches the config_machines.xml from $HOME/.cime/ instead of /cvmfs/soft.computecanada.ca/easybuild/software/2017/Core/cesm/2.1.1/ without porting the model myself?


CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
That is what should happen. Nether of us understand why it isn't happening. I'm not sure what more I can do with that.


New Member
Going back to testing CIME as described here: 8. Testing — CIME master documentation, I tried

$CIMEROOT/scripts/create_test test

and got the error:

File "/cvmfs/soft.computecanada.ca/gentoo/2020/usr/lib/python3.7/sre_parse.py", line 645, in _parse

source.tell() - here + len(this))

re.error: nothing to repeat at position 0



New Member
Hello again, I tried running create_test test and I keep getting the unknown machine error. I validated all three config files:

xmllint --noout --schema $CESM_ROOT/cime/config/xml_schemas/config_machines.xsd $HOME/.cime/config_machines.xml

xmllint --noout --schema $CESM_ROOT/cime/config/xml_schemas/config_compilers_v2.xsd $HOME/.cime/config_compilers.xml

xmllint --noout --schema $CESM_ROOT/cime/config/xml_schemas/config_batch.xsd $HOME/.cime/config_batch.xml

and they all checked out, so why can't the model find my machine?