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how to include inputdata for building a case in CESM2


New Member

I am trying to build a case but I am not sure how to include inputdata

my steps are below

cd $CESMROOT/cime/scripts
./create_newcase --case ~/cases/case01 --compset B1850 --res f09_g17
cd ~/cases/case01/

then I receive the error
ERROR: Failed to find or download file /scratch/amys/case01/run/inputdata_checksum.dat

I am very new to learning CESM2 and appreciate any help or points in the right direction.



CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
Try running

check_input_data --download

In your case directory(/scratch/amys/case01).


New Member
ok cool, but will this download the correct input data or too much input data?

And do you know how I would change what input data is used? For example, I was hoping to pick a past date, say January 6th 2019 and then run the model, to see if the model shows an actual event that occurred. But I'm not sure if that is even possible.


CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
This will download only the data that is needed. It would be very difficult to reproduce an event that occurred for a given date. You can
set RUN_STARTDATE using the xmlchange command. But you would need to create initial condition files to try to recreate January 6th 2019
conditions. I don't believe there is any downloadable input data available to recreate a given event.