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MOM6 vertical structure


Prasanna Kanti Ghoshal
New Member
I am asked to check which vertical co-ordinate system(z*,sigma,hybrid) represents best vertical structure of Indian Ocean. I am supposed to create a grid for Indian Ocean region with all these 3 vertical system in MOM6. I am not getting any clue from the examples. Can anyone help me???


Alistair Adcroft
I suggest you try the 75 level hybrid coordinate in ice_ocean_SIS2/OM4_025. It uses the densities from the file, and a in-code function for the z* part of the column. We have no software for generating the density profiles - it turns out to be a hard problem. If you want to change the number of levels, you'll have to fiddle around with the numbers - we did it by hand.

For a z* coordinate, change
ALE_COORDINATE_CONFIG = "FNC1:2,6500,6,.01" ! default = "UNIFORM"
                                !  FNC1:string - FNC1:dz_min,H_total,power,precision

The above are the settings we used in .

I don't recommend sigma coordinates with real topography, mostly because of unbounded topographic slopes, but also because we have not tried/tested it.