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Running a case; error messages


New Member

I'm trying to run a case however I get this message:

hsalah@cheyenne4:~/ECLIPSE2015> ./case.submit
File "./case.submit", line 161
mail_user, mail_type, batch_args = parse_command_line(sys.argv, description)
IndentationError: unexpected indent​

I've edited my file paths yet I still I get this error.

My running script is:


# project code

proj_code="*****" # project code for Cheyenne

# queue


# set Wall time

#dd=00 # walltime day

hh=12 # walltime hour

mm=00 # walltime minute


# make PBS script


cd /glade/u/home/hsalah/ECLIPSE2015/

## change queue/account name

sed -i "s/.*PBS -A.*/#PBS -A $proj_code/g" case.submit && echo "Done. change qsub account" || exit 305

### change wall time

sed -i "s/walltime=.*/walltime=${hh}:${mm}:00/g" case.submit && echo "Done. change wall time" || exit 305

## change queue name

sed -i "s/.*PBS -q.*/#PBS -q $queue/g" case.submit && echo "Done. change qsub account" || exit 305

nn1=`grep -n PBS case.submit | tail -1 | cut -d ':' -f 1`

sed -i "${nn1}a #PBS -m abe" case.submit || exit 305


# submit job


./case.submit && echo "Done. submit [case.submit]" || exit 901


CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member

Which version of CESM are you using? I'm going to assume you're using CESM2.2. You shouldn't be making changes to case.submit.
If you want to change queuing options, you should use xmlchange to change the settings in env_batch.xml and env_workflow.xml. You
shouldn't need to make any changes to be able to run on cheyenne.



New Member
Yes I believe it is the CESM 2.2, I will look into the xmlchange env_batch.xml env_workflow.xml