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  1. H

    Running a case; error messages

    Hello, I'm trying to run a case however I get this message: hsalah@cheyenne4:~/ECLIPSE2015> ./case.submit File "./case.submit", line 161 mail_user, mail_type, batch_args = parse_command_line(sys.argv, description) ^ IndentationError: unexpected indent I've edited my file paths yet...
  2. Z

    About error in a test case

    Dear everyone, My name is Zihan from Tokyo Institute of Technology. I was running a BHISTcmip6 test run from 1941 to 1959, but this simulation failed (Machine --Tsubame). The error shown in "/gs/hs1/tga-wrf-guc/share/CESM/scratch/19M58593/archive/urbhist/logs" says "ERROR:CHKRC" and "MM out...
  3. H

    CESM2.0/CAM6 crashing unexpectedly (shr_reprosum_calc error)

    Hello,I am trying to run CESM2.0 with some modifications of my own. It has been running successfully. Recently I slightly changed the code in chemistry/aerosol/sslt_sections.F90 and chemistry/modal_aero/seasalt_model.F90 (made one parameter have 2 values depending on latitude). Now the model...