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  1. W

    Difference between TS (surface temperature, radiative, CAM) and TG (ground temperature, CLM)?

    Hi everyone, I'd like to inquire about the difference between surface temperature (radiative) and ground temperature? The first one is TS from CAM while the second is TG from CLM. More specifically, I am currently using CESM1.2.2 with CAM4 and CAM5. Somebody seems to have asked this before...
  2. H

    emission file for SSP370 are missing?

    Hi, I didn't find the following files for SSP370 in the input data file (https://svn-ccsm-inputdata.cgd.ucar.edu/trunk/inputdata/atm/cam/chem/emis/emissions_ssp370/). Could you please let me know where can I find those files? missing data: C2H4_bb CB1_bb, CB2_bb OC1_bb OC2_bb I just found these...
  3. J

    Output BVOC species mixing ratios in CAM6

    Hi all, I'm a CESM2 novice interested in BVOC emissions. I'm planning some runs using a CESM2 build that couples CLM5 and CAM6. I know that the MEGAN model in CLM5 produces various BVOC species and that CAM6 can be set to show the MEGAN fluxes from the land to the atmosphere by adding the...
  4. S

    Looking for CAM history fields like clean sky downwelling solar flux at surface and TOA.

    Hello scientists, I am looking for cam history fields like clean sky downwelling solar flux at surface and TOA. The word "Clean" refers to all-sky flux without the aerosols effect or simply No aerosol sky solar flux. All-sky flux @ surface refers to Downwelling solar flux at surface (FSDS). Is...
  5. J

    Understanding a vague error message

    I'm trying to run from initial conditions on file, pointed to by NCDATA. I'd like to verify that I've constructed the initial conditions properly by running a 30-day sim with FV3 (--res C24_C24_mg17) and --compset FADIAB. However, the run crashes immediately with a vague error message in the...
  6. J

    turn off aerosols for indirect radiation effects

    Hi all,I want to know how to turn off the indirect radiation effects of aerosols.
  7. J

    Pointing to a custom namelist file for a given run

    I have created a CIME case, which has been setup and built. As I understand, the namelist files user_nl_xxxx can be edited post-build. If I want to vary a namelist setting X across several runs, I can do that by 1) Running CESM 2) editing X=... in user_nl_xxxx 3) Run again Two problems... 1)...
  8. lvxin

    Model did not complete when use CESM2.1.3

    Hello: There was an error when I use the CAM compset "FC2010climo", something went wrong when I type the "./case.submit" command. Below is error message: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2020-12-20 20:09:05 MODEL EXECUTION BEGINS HERE run command is...
  9. X

    no input data in FHIST_BGC, Model cam missing file mode_defs for soa_a1

    Hi, I am trying to run a case using FHIST_BGC compset, ./create_newcase --compset FHIST_BGC --res f09_f09_mg17 --case ~/CESM2/scratch/FHIST_BGC. when check the input data, I found three soa_a1 files are missing that could not found in ftp://ftp.cgd.ucar.edu/cesm/inputdata/. my CESM release is...
  10. X

    pio_support::pio_die:: myrank= -1 : ERROR: pionfget_mod.F90: in some F*case

    Dear everyone: I have got the same error in some F* case (such as FWHIST_BGC, FWmaHist-BGC andFCfireHIST), even if run with default, the error is pio_support::pio_die:: myrank= -1 : ERROR: pionfget_mod.F90:. my cesm release is 2.1.3, my machine plateform is tianhe2. my case...
  11. W

    Output of air density in CESM1.2.2?

    Hi everyone! Is there a way to get air density from CESM1.2.2? Looks like air density is not included in the master history file for either CAM4 or CAM5. Thanks, Wade http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/models/cesm1.0/cam/docs/ug5_0/hist_flds_fv_cam4.html...
  12. W

    what is the difference between input data and forcing data for a coupled model run in CESM1.2.2

    Running a coupled model with F compset and two different CAM physics downloaded its input data from the server. Now, i have few questions for some clarification before analyzing them. 1- Suppose my model is already in a balance state with appropriate recommended spin-up, do i need any extra...
  13. M

    Using mod_landm_coslat for the whole grid

    Hello all, I'm doing an LGM run of CESM1 using component set B1850 and following the paleoclimate simulation guide from NCAR. I'm currently working on creating a new initialization file for CAM (bnd_topo). The last step before getting bnd_topo is to run "mod_landm_coslat.ncl". This is all in...
  14. F

    change CO2 concentration with F2000climo compset

    Hello, I am running CESM 2.00 in Cheyenne. I ran a couple of prescribed SST runs with F2000climo. Now I want to change the CO2 concentration with F2000climo compset. I added co2vmr values in the user_nl_cam. However, the model doesn't take the value, and I don't see any changes in the atm_in...
  15. W

    segmentation fault in xtpv of tp_core.F90

    Hello everyone, I frequently encounter below errors on some of my slightly customized CESM 1.2.2 runs. The same errors persist every tens if not several model years, even though I switched to almost default settings with minor changes in co2 mixing ratio etc. Does anyone have clues of possible...
  16. G

    Bug/feature in cam_diagnostics.F90 produces wrong Q925 output

    Hello FYI I am using CAM from CESM 2.1. The code logic in cam_diagnostics.F90 near line 1413 is not correct, and produces a wrong Q925 output, which is nonphysical, follows the topography; has a range that straddles negative values; has near-zero values over the ocean, etc. That code logic...
  17. J

    SO2 external forcing for CESM2.1.1 (B1850) - pre-industrial conditions

    Hi, Could someone confirm whether the SO2 external forcing (emissions-cmip6_SO2) includes both volcanic continuous (degassing) and explosive (eruptions) SO2 emissions? Mvh, Jeani
  18. H

    CESM2.0/CAM6 crashing unexpectedly (shr_reprosum_calc error)

    Hello,I am trying to run CESM2.0 with some modifications of my own. It has been running successfully. Recently I slightly changed the code in chemistry/aerosol/sslt_sections.F90 and chemistry/modal_aero/seasalt_model.F90 (made one parameter have 2 values depending on latitude). Now the model...
  19. M

    Output monthly average transient-eddy fluxes (CAM4)?

    Hi all, I'm running CESM1.2.2 with CAM4. I wish to output 3D monthly averages of transient-eddy fluxes in the atmosphere (water vapor, temperature, geopotential, momentum). Are these fluxes available as standard History Fields? I had a look in the CAM4 documnetnation but couldn't find them... If...