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  1. M

    Field name T_REF2M_24 (added by me) not found - extract_accum_field_sl ERROR

    Hi, I tried to create a 24h accumulated 2m temperature variable by copying the way it was done for the vegetation temperature (T_VEG24) in TemperatureType.F90, except that I replaced "runmean" by "timeavg". I did not change anything in the src_clm40 folder. I got the following error message...
  2. K

    How to Change Project Code

    Hi All, I am running into issues building cases with CLM because I have a new project code, but I do not understand how to change the PBS_ACCOUNT. To me the information here https://www2.cisl.ucar.edu/resources/computational-systems/cheyenne/running-jobs/submitting-jobs-pbs and here...
  3. ChrisPp

    CLM5-BGC: 3 kilometer Europe: Curvilinear Grid? Restart file not compatible?

    I am using CTSM (Version ctsm1.0.dev084-306-gb146c62) to model Europe on a 3km grid with CLM5-BGC. I had regrid the domain and surface files created by the supplied gen_domain and mksurfdata.pl to fit the required 3 km grid. Because i read in some posts that it is not possible for CLM to model...
  4. adrienD

    Porting CTSM to Mistral supercomputer. ERROR: Command .../build-namelist failed

    Hi everyone, I'm working for AWI in Germany and I'm trying to port CTSM on the supercomputer Mistral. The firsts steps seem to work smoothly but I got an error message (see below) every time I use ./case.build. Can someone help me? Adrien Building case in directory...