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  1. U

    An error in CLM5.0 mksurfdata process

    When I run ./mksurfdata.pl -r usrspec -hirespft -usr_gname 0.05x0.05 -usr_gdate 210328 to make surface map at 0.05 degree, there exist an error below ------------------------------------- Attempting to make Topography statistics..... domain_read_dims_1d read 1-d length from num_pixels...
  2. tcraig

    CIME mapping tool

     I have generated mapping files on cheyenne, geyser, and caldera using a mapping tool from CESM1 the past few years.  With changes to esmf installs, inability to use multi processors on geyser and caldera, addition of pronghorn, and change to slurm, my old scripts were no longer working.  Rather...
  3. A

    Problem with conversion to radians when creating ocean domain files

    Affected Release CESM2.0.0 There is a problem with the ocean domain files when running a SCAM compset using the CESM2.0.0 release. Complete details about the problem and the tested fix are available at this github link: https://github.com/ESMCI/cime/pull/2736
  4. C

    access to /fis/cgd/cseg/csm/mapping/ files?

    Instructions for composing new model grids refer to using files in:"/fis/cgd/cseg/csm/mapping/" Does this ‘mapping’ subfolder exist as a different name on the NERSC machines under:"/global/project/projectdirs/ccsm1/  "    ? Files and subfolders from " /fis/cgd/cseg/csm/inputdata/ " are also...
  5. K

    eulerian dynamical core spectra cutoff

    Dear experts and colleagues,I am wondering if anyone has tried to truncate the wavenumber in west-east direction in a spectral dynamic core (eulerian core), and will appreciate any suggestions on how to do it.Up to now, I am thinking of two ways to do it:create or obtain SCRIP format grid files...
  6. S

    Problem with creating surface data for single-point run on userdefined machine

     Dear all, I am trying to create a surface data set for a single-point in CESM 1.2.2 run on a userdefined machine. Therefore, I am following Example 5-5 under this link: http://www.cesm.ucar.edu/models/cesm1.2/clm/models/lnd/clm/doc/UsersGuide/x12938.html mkmapdata.sh creates most of the...
  7. A

    ne5np4 SCRIPgrid required

    Dear all,CESM1/MESSy (geosci-model-dev.net/9/125/2016/) regrids import data online, using SCRIP, which requires the grid corners. These are available on yellowstone, e.g./glade/p/cesmdata/cseg/inputdata/lnd/clm2/mappingdata/grids/SCRIPgrid_ne16np4_nomask_c110512.ncbut are missing for the new...
  8. F

    runoff_map tool error in cesm1_4_beta04

    Hi there,I'm attempting to generate runoff maps to apply to CESM iceberg coupling project.  I can successfully build the runoff_map tool in cesm1_4_beta04, but upon running it it dies with error:./runoff_map: error while loading shared libraries: libmkl_intel_lp64.so: cannot open shared object...
  9. S

    mkmapdata.sh with userdefined SCRIP file

    I created a userdefined SCRIP file for a dummy testcase using./mknoocnmap.pl -p 10,10 -n middle -dx 10 -dy 10 -nx 100 -ny 100This created a file with the center at 10,10 latitude, longitude and spanning 5 degrees in each direction, correct? Also I assume the resolution is 10 degrees / 100 = 0.1...
  10. P


    Dear all, I prepared to creat the single-point surface data, when I come to this step,there are several errors:[PengXiaoqing@localhost mkmapdata]$ export ESMFBIN_PATH=/home/public/software/esmf-6.3.0/bin/binO/Linux.intel.64.mpiuni.default[PengXiaoqing@localhost mkmapdata]$ export...
  11. A

    Generating Mapping Files in CESM 1.2 - share librariers error (libmpich.so.3)

    Hello, I'm currently trying to utilize an interactive login on Yellowstone to run some mapping tools built into CESM 1.2.  However, I seem to be running into an error where the shared libraries aren't loading (libmpich.so.3). I run the following command to enter interactive mode: bsub -Is -q...
  12. G

    Generating a mapping file for UGRID_1km-merge-10min_HYDRO1K-merge-nomask_c130402.nc

    Hi,I'm trying to create surface-dataset for my coustom CLM grid. As an intermediate step, I have to generate a mapping file from UGRID_1km-merge-10min_HYDRO1K-merge-nomask_c130402.nc (~125 million grid cells) to destination.nc (~352K grid cells). My job on Titan using 160 cores exceeded...
  13. S

    ldomain in CESM1.1

    Hi! I have a problem with the land compenent in CESM1.1. I would appreciate if I could get some insight on how to deal with this. I need to specify ldomain from an existing input nc file I have from an older case run with cesm1.0.3, which I did the following way: ./xmlchange -file env_run.xml...
  14. C


    Dear CESM developers: Is there a guideline for how to compile runoff_to_ocn under cesm1_1_1/mapping/gen_mapping_files? The default set up is done for bluefire. I was wondering if I could use some helps. Any comments would be very much appreciated.