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  1. Y

    CESM 2.2 NETCDF issue!

    Hi, newbie here and ai trying to install CESM2.2 on the HPC RC USF. The case.setup works but the case.build fail as following: elshorbany@itn2.rc.usf.edu:/work/e/elshorbany/CESM/cases/cesm220FHIST_f09_f09_mg17$ ./case.build Building case in directory...
  2. adrienD

    Does CESM2 supports netcdf shared libraries?

    I'm working on porting CESM 2 to the German supercomputer Mistral. My building is working fine. However, when I try to make any runs, I have the following error message: /work/aa0049/a271098/CTSM/scratch/I1850CLM50_021/bld/cesm.exe: error while loading shared libraries: libnetcdff.so.6: cannot...
  3. S

    configure: error: netcdf.mod not found in NETCDF_PATH/include

    Hi, I am using CESM version 1.1.2 to build the B20TRLENS compset. I have attached my config_machines.xml, config_compiler.xml and other machine-specific files. I am using the intel13 compiler with the following specs:- <compiler COMPILER="intel13"> <PNETCDF_PATH></PNETCDF_PATH>...
  4. M

    Problems compiling paleotopo.f90

    Hi,  We are having trouble compiling paleotopo.f90. We have tried in both Mac OS and MintLinux. Our Fortran compiler is GNU Fortran 4.7.2. Our NetCDF version is 4.2. The following message shows up: /tmp/ccw4171p.o: na função `add_topo_': paleotopo.f90:(.text+0x5b8d): undefined reference for...