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  1. J

    SO2 external forcing for CESM2.1.1 (B1850) - pre-industrial conditions

    Hi, Could someone confirm whether the SO2 external forcing (emissions-cmip6_SO2) includes both volcanic continuous (degassing) and explosive (eruptions) SO2 emissions? Mvh, Jeani
  2. K

    Volcanic aerosol mass mixing ratio

    Dear members,I am using CESM 1.0.4 with CAM4 for my study.I have a doubt regarding the volcanic aerosol file used in the model. In the CAM4 description, it is specified that the volcanic stratospheric aerosols are comprised of 75% sulfuric acid and 25% water.The variable details, as given in the...
  3. K

    Radiaitve properties and hyrgroscopic growth of sulphate aerosols

    Dear Forum Members,I am using CESM 1.0.4 and CAM4 to study the effects of sulfate aerosols (both background and volcanic size) by prescribing them in stratosphere. 1) Could somebody provide a reference on how longwave and shortwave properties of sulfate aerosols are parametrised in the model...
  4. Y


    Hi,I am running B1850C5 compset in CESM1.2.2, but I want let only volcanoe forcing go through their transient 20th Century forcing. Can I add the volcano forcing namelist into the user_nl_cam directly? Thanks!
  5. S

    volcanic aerosols forcing upto current date for AMIP run

    Hi:I am running a user defined AMIP run upto current date. Model runs file unitl Dec 2013; but model fail on 14 january 2014. Error tracing show error in reading vlocanic aersol forcing which has data only upto Januray 2014.;*****************************incr_flnm: old filename =...
  6. B

    transient volcano forcing in WACCM

    Hi, We are trying to run a single forcing case using an 1850 compset and then letting only volcanoes go through their transient 20th Century forcing. We need to know which namelists to modify? Is the sad_file in the chem_inparm namelist the only file we need to modify or are other files involved...
  7. X

    volcano data can not be loaded

    Hi, every one    I ran a case using cesm1_0_3 with -res T31_g37 -compset B1850. I want to do a only time-varying volcano experiment. So I modified the Buildconf/cam.buildnml.csh script, and added a piece of code in it as follows:&prescribed_volcaero_nl prescribed_volcaero_datapath =...