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CESM development code information


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Affected Releases *DEVELOPMENT CODE ONLY* cesm1_4 series beta tags 05, 06 and 07 CSEG would like developers to be aware of the following known issues in thecesm1_4 beta development tags 05 06 and 07. 1. Performance is degraded on yellowstone -     this is an issue with the way threading is handled on job launch. It is Fixed in 07. 2. Resubmit does not work as noted in a previous email.These issues have been addressed in the upcoming cesm1_5_beta01 tag.We have made cime branch tags to address these issues. Follow these instructionsto apply the patches to your existing cesm1_4 sandbox.From the cime directory in your sandbox: >svn switch NEWTAGfor cesm1_4_beta05 and cesm1_4_beta06 tags use:NEWTAG = https://github.com/CESM-Development/cime/tags/cime1.1.16-p1.1and for cesm1_4_beta07 use:NEWTAG = https://github.com/CESM-Development/cime/tags/cime2.0.17-p1.1 NCAR - CESM Software Engineering Group (CSEG)