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  1. J

    Cheyenne update module issues for all CESM versions

    Due to the cheyenne maintenance this week you need to update some modules:intel/17.0.1pnetcdf/1.11.0netcdf/4.6.1netcdf-mpi/4.6.1mpt/2.19 There is also an issue with the -p option to mpiexec_mpt, you may either reverse the order of -p and -np in env_mach_specific.xml or remove the -p option.  If...
  2. A

    known problem with mpiexec_mpt on cheyenne

    Affected release: CESM2.0.0Affected machine: cheyenne.ucar.eduThere is a known problem with launching MPI jobs on cheyenne such that the user may be required to resubmit the model using the case.submit script repeatedly before the model run is launched successfully. The problem will produce...
  3. A

    CESM development code information

    Affected Releases *DEVELOPMENT CODE ONLY* cesm1_4 series beta tags 05, 06 and 07 CSEG would like developers to be aware of the following known issues in thecesm1_4 beta development tags 05 06 and 07. 1. Performance is degraded on yellowstone -     this is an issue with the way threading is...
  4. J

    Stampede build currently broken

    Due to changes in the system modules builds on Stampede are currently broken.   We have a support ticket open and will update this post when the problem is resolved.