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  1. F

    MPI issues with scripts_regression_tests.py script file

    Dear CESM community, I'm a beginner with CLM5.0 but I have already spent several months trying to make it work without success. I'm really looking now for some help or advice. In fact, I'm not able to perform a complete run since issues appear at the ./case.submit step. As far as I have...
  2. J

    What can and cannot be changed post-build

    I am used to making changes to user_nl_xxxx after a CIME case has been built, which as far as I know, is fine since namelists are always generated at runtime. Can I also do this with env_*xml variables, via xmlchange? Or does xmlchange need to be used only pre-build? All I am trying to do is...
  3. Y

    Error after submit case

    Hi , I am still trying to port CESM2 to my university HPC. There is no errors wehen I executed ./case.build. After I executing ./case.submit, error pops up (shown below): **************************************************************************************************************************...
  4. A

    CESM development code information

    Affected Releases *DEVELOPMENT CODE ONLY* cesm1_4 series beta tags 05, 06 and 07 CSEG would like developers to be aware of the following known issues in thecesm1_4 beta development tags 05 06 and 07. 1. Performance is degraded on yellowstone -     this is an issue with the way threading is...