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Data products from an 80 member reanalysis using CAM6 and DART

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We have recently finished a 2011-2019 reanalysis using CAM6 and DART.
Several data sets have been archived to the Research Data Archive 345.0.
They are designed to be useful to a variety of researchers in the CESM community.

We're interested to know whether you feel that this would be a valuable addition
to the CESM Community Projects web page (CESM Community Projects)

You can find details and usage notes in the DART wiki: NCAR/DART
There's also a presentation to the ESPWG on
(Some) Presentations featuring DART: The Data Assimilation Research Testbed
"Kevin Raeder Jun 2020"

In summary, the data products can be used for:
+ Real world initial conditions for 1 degree, CAM6 (CLM, CICE, and MOSART?) ensemble hindcasts, with justifiable spread.
+ Comparison with free-running Large Ensemble results.
+ Realistic atmospheric forcing of all surface components in simulations and assimilations, with justifiable variability.
Hourly to daily, as appropriate.​
+ Model improvement through direct comparison with observations or examination of assimilation increments,
i.e. how CAM was corrected to be in better agreement with the observations.​
4 times/day.​
+ Explore the impact of weather variability on plant/crop growth.

Depending on community interest, we may extend the reanalysis to the 1999-2010 period.