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  1. nuvolet

    Code Modifications in CESM2.2 - CAM6.3

    Greetings, We are trying to make some code modification in some modules in CAM6.3 in order to customize some cases we want to run. The reason we are doing that it is because we need to specify some inputs which are not available as CESM has been built. Therefore, we found that if we want to...
  2. nuvolet

    Simple Code Modifications - Adding New Output Variables

    Hi all, We are trying to have new outputs in our CESM2.2 run simulations and we found an old reference for CAM 3.0: Adding New Output Variables Nevertheless, when we look at the same modules (history.F90) suggested in previous link, we do not find the functions such as: addfld and outfld...
  3. nuvolet

    Running CESM2.2 for a particular short run

    Hi all, We are trying to run a short case using CESM2.2 in order to understand how to customize future simulations. Our case is something like this: ./create_newcase --case cam60f2000_2days --compset F2000climo --res f09_f09_mg17 cd cam60f2000_2days ./case.setup Then we want to modify the...
  4. J

    How to properly turn on AOA tracers?

    I am trying to perform a simple Held-Suarez configuration in CAM, with AOA tracers active. I first spun up the model with a period of 1.5 years without including -age_of_air_trcs to CAM_CONFIG_OPTS I am then trying to do a longer run using this spun up state as the initial condition. For this...
  5. J

    Setting volcanic emissions to work in a future run

    Hi all, I am running CESM2 in a CAM-chem configuration for the year 2050. I have set all surface emissions, lateral boundary conditions, and external forcing specifiers to 2050. However, I am having a problem setting the continuous volcanic emissions. I am aware that these are time averages of...
  6. J

    Interpolating input data from WACCM to CAM-chem

    Hi all, I would like to interpolate some initial conditions from WACCM (70 vertical levels) to use in a CAM-chem run (32 vertical levels) using the interpic tool. I can see that a 32-level case is non-standard in the script 'create_template.ncl' which is required to run interpic. Sure enough...
  7. J

    Problem building interpic executable

    Hi all, I'm trying to use interpic to generate initial conditions for CAM. However, I am unable to build the executable. The following error appears when I run gmake: pgf90 -c -I/usr/local/include -fast control.f90 gmake: pgf90: Command not found Makefile:106: recipe for target 'control.o'...
  8. T

    "grid contains non-ocean point" in aquaplanet simulation using eulerian dycore

    Dear All, I'm trying to run a set of experiments using the Eulerian dycore in aquaplanet mode. The model can build the case successfully, and it executes until initialization is complete, after which it throws the error. ERROR: TPHYSAC error: grid contains non-ocean point I have attached all...
  9. T

    Build error with Eulerian dycore and T85 grid resolution.

    Hello everyone, I am trying to run a set of experiments with the eulerian dynamical core and T85_T85 resolution in CESM v2.1.3. I was able to create the case using the following command: ./create_newcase --case /mnt/lustre/cas2/casabu/Abu/cesm21/cases/test1 --compset...
  10. 2

    CESM2 Compset F2000climo res f09_g16 running error

    Hi, I tried to run a case with compset of F2000climo (Is it similar to F2000 in CESM 1.2.2?) and the resolution of f09_g16. The partial error message of cesm.log is as follow (The whole file is also attached): I just create case then setup, build and run, have not modified any config files yet...
  11. Q

    BW1850 compset question

    Does SE dycore support compset BW1850? what is the configuration if supported.
  12. T

    Problem in initializing cesm2 with a new grid

    Dear All, I'm trying to run an aquaplanet (QPC6, a compset I have used extensively with f19 resolution) simulation on a custom grid using CESM 2.1.3, but the case fails on execution. I have setup the custom 2x20 grid following 3.2 of these instructions and with guidance on this thread. I am...
  13. J script cannot import 'end_diag_script': Why?

    I've been working on getting the CAM diagnostic code up and running, but I keep running into this error message: Traceback (most recent call last): File "./run_diag", line 55, in <module> from CamDiag import end_diag_script ImportError: cannot import name 'end_diag_script' from 'CamDiag'...
  14. J

    Downloading observational data and CAM6 model output data

    Hi all, I am an undergrad at Iowa State University that is looking to utilize CAM6 outputs to compare against observational datasets for a project. I am looking to work with data from the CAM6 runs with prescribed monthly SST's. I have been able to easily locate the available diagnostic...
  15. H

    nudging [U V Q T] in CESM2.1.3

    Hi there, I am doing a nudging experiment, in which I want to nudge a sensitivity run to a control run (both runs are done with CESM2.1.3). I am running into all kinds of errors when trying to generate the required target data. Below are my questions arising from some of the errors: 1. are...
  16. S

    Looking for CAM history fields like clean sky downwelling solar flux at surface and TOA.

    Hello scientists, I am looking for cam history fields like clean sky downwelling solar flux at surface and TOA. The word "Clean" refers to all-sky flux without the aerosols effect or simply No aerosol sky solar flux. All-sky flux @ surface refers to Downwelling solar flux at surface (FSDS). Is...
  17. J

    Understanding a vague error message

    I'm trying to run from initial conditions on file, pointed to by NCDATA. I'd like to verify that I've constructed the initial conditions properly by running a 30-day sim with FV3 (--res C24_C24_mg17) and --compset FADIAB. However, the run crashes immediately with a vague error message in the...
  18. Y

    Using CAM6 to run the same experiment with different cores, the results vary greatly

    Hello! I have a problem about cam6. I used cam6 to run the same experiment with different cores,but the results are quite different.Is that right? What should I do if it is wrong? I'm glad I got the answer.
  19. J

    Why are FDS and FDSC constantly zero?

    Hi community, we are using CESM2.1.2 and CAM6 to produce 3 hourly output. Everything looks reasonable except Shortwave downward flux FDS and Shortwave clear-sky downward flux FDSC which are both zero at all timesteps and all locations. I am very new to the model but the run was started by...
  20. R

    Data products from an 80 member reanalysis using CAM6 and DART

    We have recently finished a 2011-2019 reanalysis using CAM6 and DART. Several data sets have been archived to the Research Data Archive 345.0. They are designed to be useful to a variety of researchers in the CESM community. We're interested to know whether you feel that this would be a...