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  1. S

    Looking for CAM history fields like clean sky downwelling solar flux at surface and TOA.

    Hello scientists, I am looking for cam history fields like clean sky downwelling solar flux at surface and TOA. The word "Clean" refers to all-sky flux without the aerosols effect or simply No aerosol sky solar flux. All-sky flux @ surface refers to Downwelling solar flux at surface (FSDS). Is...
  2. J

    Understanding a vague error message

    I'm trying to run from initial conditions on file, pointed to by NCDATA. I'd like to verify that I've constructed the initial conditions properly by running a 30-day sim with FV3 (--res C24_C24_mg17) and --compset FADIAB. However, the run crashes immediately with a vague error message in the...
  3. Y

    Using CAM6 to run the same experiment with different cores, the results vary greatly

    Hello! I have a problem about cam6. I used cam6 to run the same experiment with different cores,but the results are quite different.Is that right? What should I do if it is wrong? I'm glad I got the answer.
  4. J

    Why are FDS and FDSC constantly zero?

    Hi community, we are using CESM2.1.2 and CAM6 to produce 3 hourly output. Everything looks reasonable except Shortwave downward flux FDS and Shortwave clear-sky downward flux FDSC which are both zero at all timesteps and all locations. I am very new to the model but the run was started by...
  5. R

    Data products from an 80 member reanalysis using CAM6 and DART

    We have recently finished a 2011-2019 reanalysis using CAM6 and DART. Several data sets have been archived to the Research Data Archive 345.0. They are designed to be useful to a variety of researchers in the CESM community. We're interested to know whether you feel that this would be a...
  6. A

    Experience Modifying CDNC in CAM6?

    Hi all, I'm looking to run CAM6 (as part of a run on CESM2.1) and am looking to change cloud droplet number concentration geographically by latitude / longitude at specified atmospheric pressure levels (below 850 hPa). (I am trying to run a series of experiments to test ocean surface response...
  7. huazhen

    How to add water tracers to CAM6

    Hi there, I am trying to run a CAM6 case with water tracers on our super computer. I am using FHIST_BGC compset. I have tried to add commands ./xmlchange --append CAM_CONFIG_OPTS='-nadv_tt 3' and test_tracer_names='WT1','WT2','WT3' in the case run. But I get the following error messages in...
  8. J

    SO2 external forcing for CESM2.1.1 (B1850) - pre-industrial conditions

    Hi, Could someone confirm whether the SO2 external forcing (emissions-cmip6_SO2) includes both volcanic continuous (degassing) and explosive (eruptions) SO2 emissions? Mvh, Jeani