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Downloading observational data and CAM6 model output data


Jennifer Seth
New Member
Hi all,

I am an undergrad at Iowa State University that is looking to utilize CAM6 outputs to compare against observational datasets for a project. I am looking to work with data from the CAM6 runs with prescribed monthly SST's.

I have been able to easily locate the available diagnostic package code on GitHub, but I am also in need of the data outlined above to actually run any of the code. However, when I look on the CAM6 website, I am unable to find the observational datasets, output datasets, and prescribed SST datasets that I need to run the code.

Am I supposed to be able to pull in this data just with the code alone, or do I need to download it? (I think I need to download it)

If I'm right, can someone please help me find these datasets so that I can download them and actually start to run analyses on the data? (Note: I am NOT looking for CESM model outputs, just CAM6).

Thank you so much!