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Generate surfdata with future urban and vegetation rawdata


Hi, I prepared a 2020 urban raw data with 0.05 deg resolution and I would like to generate a 2020 surface data based on SSP5RCP8.5.

Here are the steps I took in mksurfdata_map tool:

Generate namelist: ./mksurfdata.pl -res 0.9x1.25 -no-crop -years 2010 -debug --ssp_rcp "SSP5-8.5"

In the namelist file I generated, I replaced the filepath of mksrf_furban using the filepath of my 2020 urban raw data. And I also modified the name of fsurdat and fsurlog.

Then, in order to use 2020 vegetation and crop landcover, I guess the filepath for mksrf_fhrvtyp and mksrf_fvegtyp should be "/glade/p/cesm/cseg/inputdata/lnd/clm2/rawdata/pftcftdynharv.0.25x0.25.SSP5-8.5.simyr2016-2100.c171005/mksrf_landuse_SSP5RCP85_clm5_2020.c171005.nc" ?

I am not sure whether these steps are correct. Are there other modifications that should be done if I'd like to generate a surface data with future urban and vegetation landcover?

Thank you!


Keith Oleson
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member
I would think you could specify 2020 directly instead of 2010, but as you probably found out, you can't.
I think your steps are correct. I don't think there are any other modifications you need to make.
I generated a 2020 dataset using your approach and compared PCT_NAT_PFT to that in a transient dataset we use for CESM2 for a couple of gridcells and they were the same for that year.
I expect that the landunit composition will change when you use your new mksrf_urban, but you probably anticipate that.