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How to create irregular surface datasets using a mask in clm5.0?


Now I can create regular(rectangle) surface datasets using some scripts attached with clm5.0 (e.g.mknoocnmap.pl, mkmapdata.sh gen_domain etc.), however my study region is irregular, what should I do to ? Is there any instructions to follow? Any suggestion or help is highly appreciated.


Keith Oleson
CSEG and Liaisons
Staff member


The CLM5 User's Guide:

implies that one approach might be to assign the "irregular" parts of your domain to ocean:

" If you HAVE ocean in your domain you could modify the mask in the SCRIP grid file for ocean, and then use ESMF_RegridWeightGen to create the mapping file, and gen_domain to create the domain file. "

Haven't tried this myself however...
it seems like the surface datasets do include ocean, my surface exclude ocean however.... thanks anyway