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  1. H

    surfrd_get_data ERROR: sum of wt_lunit not 1.0

    Hi, I am running CESM2.1.3 with FMOZ compset, trying to see the impact of landcover change. I keep on changing "PCT_NAT_PFT", "PCT_NAT_PFT+PCT_CFT" and "PCT_NAT_PFT+PCT_CFT+PCT_CROP". Making change on the first two runs well, but when I change PCT_CROP along with PCT_NAT_PFT & PCT_CFT, there is...
  2. H

    Create New case using codebase cesm2_1_3_MEGAN turned ON

    Dear Scientists and all, I can create the case without turning on the MEGAN, but when I turn ON the MEGAN (./xmlchange --append CLM_BLDNML_OPTS="-megan"), it results in some error message (ERROR: incompatible settings in drv_flds_in) (attachment). Following are the major settings of my model...
  3. Q

    running clm5 case, but ERROR--attribute not found: "aream" ERROR--attribute not found: "area"

    I am running CLM5 with case :2000_CAM5_CLM50%SP_CICE_POP2_RTM_SGLC_SWAV and grid:a%0.9x1.25_l%0.9x1.25_i%gx1v6_o%gx1v6_r%r05_m%gx1v6_g%null_w%null. The error is like : MCT::m_AttrVect::indexRA_:: ERROR--attribute not found: "area" Traceback: 1874 snow1snow1 area ->MCT::m_AttrVect::indexRA_ 1875...
  4. K

    How to Change Project Code

    Hi All, I am running into issues building cases with CLM because I have a new project code, but I do not understand how to change the PBS_ACCOUNT. To me the information here https://www2.cisl.ucar.edu/resources/computational-systems/cheyenne/running-jobs/submitting-jobs-pbs and here...
  5. M

    F_N2O_DENIT & F_N2O_NIT in CLM

    Hi everyone, Could any CLM expert explain to me which specific N2O flux does F_N2O_DENIT and F_N2O_NIT represent? Are they the N2O fluxes emitted to the atmosphere during the denitrification and nitrification process? Or are they some fluxes generated halfway during these processes and will go...
  6. BoHuang

    spinup problem of CLM5-BGC with VR grid

    Dear all, recently, I am working on the spinup simulation of CLM5-BGC with a VR grid. I want to explore the bio-geochemistry effect of recent land cover change in Europe. I produce the VR grid (1/4 degree in Europe region and 1 degree out of Europe) and generate the surface data. I replaced the...
  7. F

    Porting to a local machine, can't automatically download the input data.

    I am trying to run CLM5.0 on my local machine. I was able to successfully build a case and run the model in the past (using the same machine), but I am getting an error this time (with case.submit while trying to download the input data), which seems to be related to connection to the repository...
  8. S

    The error of running ./case.submit

    I created the case:./create_newcase --case sp_clm_serial --res f19_g17 --compset I2000Clm50SpGs --mach homebrew --run-unsupported But when I'm using commands:./case.submit The following error occurred: [root@localhost sp_clm_serial]# sudo ./case.submit Creating component namelists Calling...
  9. K

    Questions on interpreting surface energy balance and specific humidity results in CLM

    Hi all, I ran a CLM5 simulation using I2000Clm50SpGs compset with 25km resolution, and I got two questions while I was interpreting the results. 1) surface energy balance It seems that surface energy balance check will be done at every time step in CLM and clm model won't keep going if...
  10. MrIgnition

    Using atmospheric forcing with masked area

    Dear all, I intend to use my own atmospheric forcing (ERA5BC global) which has data only over land instead of GSWP and CruNCEP with clm5 over a domain that has both land and ocean. I have prepared the data and matched variable names in the stream.txt files to fit datm. But I percieve that CLM is...
  11. S

    How to couple CLM to GFS atmospheric model?

    I have to couple CLM to the GFS atmospheric model. I am a novice as far as CLM is concerned. Any help would be of great use.
  12. A

    Modifying dust aerosol inventory over a certain region though code modification in CESM2-CLM5

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to add a new inventory for dust aerosols over a certain region in CESM2-CLM5. My objective is to modify dust aerosols over a particular region and add my inventory. So far I have looked into this code in CLM5 which controls the dust emission...
  13. MrIgnition

    Invalid input, GSMap%gsize

    Hello all, I am running clm5 in offline mode with compset I1850Clm50SpCru. My intention with this is just to compare which dataset (GSWP vs CRUNCEP) performs better in simulating evapotranspiration over my domain. The simulation with GSWP is complete and I intend to now use CRUNCEP for the...
  14. MrIgnition


    I successfully submitted a case but simulation was not done. While this may be caused by many reasons, is it possible to have an overview of things that could make run fail even when check_case shows your case is OK? Please attached is cesm.log file to see if a solution can be provided.