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    Where can I get the CESM2 Spinup files of CMIP6?

    Hi all I am planning to do some research based on CESM2 data in CMIP6. In order to ensure the same initial conditions, I now need to start my simulation with the same restart files, but I wonder if these restart files are available? In CESM2 Experiments, Data & Diagnostic Output, for example...
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    Problems about compset for CMIP6 piControl and 1pctCO2

    Hello, I want to do experiments based on the CMIP6 piControl and 1pctCO2 compset. And I found the probably right out-of-the-box compset: Are the compsets above suitable for my scientific case ? Additionally, I found the following notes on the webpage...
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    CESM2 data in WRF

    Hello Folks, I'm wondering does the CESM team has input data for the WRF model in the CMIP6 project? I want the SSPs scenarios. And are the data the same as the "NCAR CESM Global Bias-Corrected CMIP5 Output to Support WRF/MPAS Research" ? I can't find similar data at...
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    CESM2.0 output meteorological data from CMIP6

    Hello Folks, I’m wondering whether someone has an idea about the data availability of CESM2 output meteorological data (e.g., air temperature, precipitation, radiation, wind, pressure, etc.) at 3- or 6-hourly time step from CMIP6 project. I have checked the Earth System Grid Federation (cmip6 -...
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    A problem with CESM2 cmip6 outputs

    Hi everyone, recently I'm analyzing the output data of CESM2 for CMIP6 AMIP experiments. There're 3 ensemble members, and the magnitude of precipitation flux in r1i1p1f1 is about 10^-9 kg m-2 s-1 while 10^-4 kg m-2 s-1 in the other two ensemble members. It seems that the results of r2i1p1f1 and...
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    Probloms in running compset BHISTcmip6

    Hello. I'm a novice in CESM2.1.3 and I learned a lot after reading the user's guide.Recently, I have some problems in running model. I want to run the coupling test of CMIP6, and then modify the parameters for sensitivity test. So, I did the following. At first, ./create_newcase --case...
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    BSSPcmip6 pio die/overflow error

    Hi all, I am running a BSSP585cmip6 case, a totally default one. I got an error as below: pio_support::pio_die:: myrank= -1 : ERROR: nf_mod.F90: 1508 : Overflow when type cast to 4-byte integer. It should be happening when initializing the clm module, interpolating the...
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    How are CMIP6 "evspsbl" and "hfls" variables calculated from CESM output?

    The variables "evspsbl" ( Evaporation Including Sublimation and Transpiration) and "hfls" (Surface Upward Latent Heat Flux) are very similar in character and I am unsure how these fields are calculated from the atmospheric fields that are part of the standard output. Comparing CMIP6 data from...
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    Elevated concentrations in CAM CO2 tracer field for Historical Amon

    For CMIP6, we are submitting to ESGF CAM's CO2 tracer. For WACCM, this tracer is prognostic and is used in radiative computations, while for CAM it is a diagnostic quantity and is not used in radiative computations. I previously received a related question from someone trying to set up a CESM...
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    CESM2 datasets availability on ESGF

    NCAR would like to make sure that you are aware of the availability of the output fields from the CESM2 CMIP6 DECK and Historical Simulations from both the high-top (with WACCM6) and low-top (with CAM6) configurations on the ESGF. There are also output fields available from various MIPs Tier 1...