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    How to run CESM with finer timesteps

    Hello everyone, I want to ask about how to run CESM with finer timesteps (for example, with STOP_N choice is 6h), the CESM version I use is CESM 1.2.1. I understand the CESM 1.2.1 is out of support for a long time, but this is latest version DART(data assimilation research testbed) can...
  2. J

    cesm 1.2 F20TR - turn on DVCN mode

    How do I turn on DVCN mode in the F case?when I set CLM_CONFIG_OPTS= bgc cndv it makes mistakes
  3. G

    case build error

    plantform: centOS 7 CESM version: 1_2_1 compiler: ifort icc MPI: mpich In the scripts folder, I ran the following command: to create a simple case. Then in the case folder, I ran the following command: There is an error: The ConfigCase.pm line 448 is: foreach my $model qw(COMP_ATM COMP_LND...
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    Definitions of variables

    Hello! I am processing climate data produced by CESM1.2 / CAM4. My goal is to provide visualizations of the top-of-atmosphere radiation budget to assess the impact of localized surface albedo modification. I am an intern who is new to CESM, and my question is very simple. Where are the model...
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    Output monthly average transient-eddy fluxes (CAM4)?

    Hi all, I'm running CESM1.2.2 with CAM4. I wish to output 3D monthly averages of transient-eddy fluxes in the atmosphere (water vapor, temperature, geopotential, momentum). Are these fluxes available as standard History Fields? I had a look in the CAM4 documnetnation but couldn't find them... If...