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  1. M

    SST restoring

    Hi everyone, I am running Icepack in stand-alone and have a question regarding the name-list parameter ocn_restoring and trestore. It is not clear yet for me what the sst restoring actually does and when it is important to restore the sea surface temperature. Can anyone explain me the...
  2. W

    Inquiry about seaice thickness output with timeseries.csh

    Hi,everyone. I am writing this thread to inquiry about whether icepack provides any sample output. When choosing CFS forcing data and running icepack alone. I found the timeseries plot of sea ice thickness output using timeseries.csh has a unexpected transition. To be specific, there is a sudden...
  3. M

    Help a college student!

    (First of all, I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this kind of stuff) Hello, I'm a spanish college student who's in charge of explaining the CICE ice sea model. I'm having some trouble at finding information about it because there's no information about it in spanish and I sometimes...
  4. Y

    Question about the default forcing data on Github

    Hi everyone, I recently used the three default forcing data (COREII JRA NCAR_bulk) provided on Github and did some test run. And I have few questions about these data. Hope someone may have some idea about these problems. thanks. 1. Accoring to the data description page on Github...
  5. W

    CICE case with BL99 scheme init_vertical_profile error

    Hi, guys. Since I am a rookie in CICE, so in recent few days, I thought why not just stick to the forcing data downloaded from Github and try to run several simple cases with different settings. In this specific case, I use the gx3 grid and change nothing but switch the thermodynamic scheme...
  6. W

    CICE compile undefined but referenced

    hi,everyone. i am a beginner in CICE and currently tring to compile CICE in serial and have some problem. I am using gcc and gfortran to compile CICE.I am gonna put some brief error message below. Any suggestion may help a lot. Thanks. ERROR MESSAGE: gfortran -o /home/wangxiong/mycase2/run/cice...
  7. M

    Icepack: write ice temperatures to diagnostic files

    Hi everyone. I am doing some testing with the Icepack model as stand-alone and would like to plot ice temperature profiles. However, I see the ice temperature is not written to the diagnostic files. My question is about how to add the ice temperatures to the diagnostic files. I see the ice...
  8. N

    Transport in regional domain

    For a limited-area rectangular grid type, how are velocities and transport treated near the regional boundaries?
  9. D

    Changing number of ice catregories?

    I put this question in science, but it is more of a technical quesiton... We have been running CICE with the 'default' 5 ice categories since we started using CICE. I would like to explore using the WMO 7 categories, as that is becoming of interest to one of our model output users. Has anyone...
  10. L

    Coupling ROMS with CICE in a regional domain

    Hi, I am coupling ROMS with CICE model, and I try to configure this coupled model in a regional domain, such as Beaufort Sea. This model is usually used to run globally without any open boudary conditions. If I want to run it on regional grids, how to set up the boundary conditions? Which module...
  11. D

    CICE tracer dependency

    If I understand the CICE documentation, when making a tracer, it is transported as tracer*dependency, where dependency is aicen, vicen, vsnon, or another tracer? Then I'm not sure what to keep track of in the tracer array? Is the quantity we need to keep track of in the tracer aray in reality...
  12. D

    CICE Tracer dependency

    If I understand the CICE documentation, when adding a tracer it is really tracer*dependency (where dependency can be aicen, vicen, vsnon, or another tracer)? In my case, we are looking at adding a method to form pancake ice depending on wave heights. If I want to add a tracer to keep track of...
  13. D

    Serial testing gx1

    Question from a user/developer:I created a serial test case using the gx1 grid. Turns out this configuration is not in any of the test suites. It resulted in a segmentation fault at ice_transport_remap.F90:315 or ice_transport_driver.F90:222 (it would segfault as soon as it entered these...
  14. Philippe Blain

    Put test and test_suites in specific directory?

    When I use cice.setup to create a test or a test_suite, the scripts creates folders in the current CICE directory ; there does not seem to be an option to put the folder and files for the test/test_suite in a different location, as is possible for cases. Am I missing something here ? It would be...
  15. W

    CICE question about BL99 thermodynamics

    I am running CICE 5.0 and CICE6.0. Unfortunately, I meet  a problem.When I set ktherm = 1 to use BL99 thermdynamics,the following error message appeared:[b](init_vertical_profile)Starting zSin
  16. H

    cloud fraction of offline CICE

    I would like to know the exact definition of 'cloud fraction (cldf)' in CICE 5.1.2. Does it imply total cloud fraction?  I've prepared CICE input data from ERA-interim. Cloud fraction (cldf) is an input data for calculating the surface radiative fluxes (both shorwave and longwave). I used the...