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  1. l_vankampenhout@uu_nl

    Land ice variables appear missing in WACCM simulations

    Hello, I'm interested in output from these WACCM runs that were performed at NCAR: SSP585 /glade/collections/cdg/data/CMIP6/ScenarioMIP/NCAR/CESM2-WACCM/ssp585/r1i1p1f1/ case root: /glade/work/cmip6/cases/ScenarioMIP_WACCM/b.e21.BWSSP585cmip6.f09_g17.CMIP6-SSP5-8.5-WACCM.001 SSP126...
  2. W

    difference between O3_Prod and O3_CHMP

    Hi all, I wonder what the difference between O3_Prod and O3_CHMP. It seems based on output, O3_CHMP is "chemical production rate" in a unit of /cm3/s; for O3_Prod, it is in a unit of molecules/cm3/s. I guess one may be the reaction rate constant, and another one is the reaction rate. But I am...
  3. howard@earth_northwestern_edu

    Solar Data with EUV and soft X-ray bands (down to ~0.5 nm)

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows which solar irradiance data includes EUV and soft X-ray bands (in https://svn-ccsm-inputdata.cgd.ucar.edu/trunk/inputdata/atm/cam/solar/)? The default one (spectral_irradiance_Lean_1610-2009_ann_c100405.nc) only goes down to 120 nm. Thanks in advance for the...
  4. K


    Hello, Now, to investigate the effect of the aircraft's emission on the atmosphere, I run two CASEs: one with aircraft emission and one without the emission. The calculation conditions are below. COMPSET: FW1850 RES: f09_f09_mg17 RUN_STARTDATE: 2015-0101 STOP_N = 13 STOP_OPTION = nmonths...
  5. S

    WACCM/CAMChem regional download script

    Hello, I am trying to download daily WACCM file from NCAR data base https://www.acom.ucar.edu/waccm/DATA and each day file is over 8 GB, but I want to deal with only certain portion of globe which results in 500 MB of file, so I want to perform the hyperslab on remote server so that only 500 MB...
  6. R

    WACCM-D test

    Hi all, I am going to run a test in a local cluster where we have CESM2. These are the steps that I follow: create_newcase --compset FWmadSD --res f09_f09_mg17 --case=~/cases/test cd ~/cases/test/ ./case.setup ./case.build build step goes well and successfully finished the job. Then...
  7. R


    Hi everyone I am new in the community and going to run WACCM_D. Is there any example run available to get started? How I can find out which compsets and grids should I use in this case? I really appreciate your helps.
  8. W

    The difference between TROPP_T (Tropopause Temperature-primary) and TROP_T (Tropopause Temperature)

    Hi, I was wondering what is the difference between the waccm model output variable (TROPP_T) and TROP_T. Thanks in advance for your help. Best, Mingcheng
  9. J

    WACCM data availability

    I have been using WACCM for the boundary and initial condition to run WRF-Chem for the period December 2018 till date. Kindly confirm if the data for WACCM is not available before December 2018. Since MOZCART data is not available beyond Jan 2018, kindly suggest on what input files may be used...
  10. X

    ERROR: calc_h2so4_wtpct error

    Dear all, I started a simulation with the following compset, ./create_newcase --case /cluster/home/xiangyuli/cases/BW-control-190626 --compset BW1850 --res f09_g17 --machine fram After running for 34 years and 6 months, the following error occurred, calc_h2so4_wtpct: invalid...
  11. B

    transient volcano forcing in WACCM

    Hi, We are trying to run a single forcing case using an 1850 compset and then letting only volcanoes go through their transient 20th Century forcing. We need to know which namelists to modify? Is the sad_file in the chem_inparm namelist the only file we need to modify or are other files involved...