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    How to convert emissions (molecules/cm2/s) to mass emission (kg/m2/s)?

    Hello, I have the input data for B2000CAM5CN (e.g. ar5_mam3_oc_surf_2000_c090726.nc). The unit for OC emission is molecules/cm2/s. I want to compare the emissions from EDAGR (emission unit is [kg/m2/s]) and that from CESM input data. So, how can I convert [molecules/cm2/s] to [kg/m2/s]? I...
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    Try to modify the value of albedo to calculate radiative forcing

    Dear all, My research requires me to modify the value of land or soil albedo to calculate the change of radiative foring as a simulation. I use the user_defined compset while all the other components except cam5 are stub, as the PORT guide https://wiki.ucar.edu/display/port/PORT explains. Now...
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    CAM 5 File Path

    Hello, I have an issue with rad_diag_2 ,ncdata and &rad_cnst_nl; it is at a default file path and I am unable to change it to my file path because I do not have the data. I have copied my terminal screen: ncdata =...
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    Help with increasing vertical momentum diffusion?

    Dear All, I am interested in increasing the vertical eddy viscosity in CAM5.3 (using diag_TKE) to study Hadley cell dynamics. My goal is to introduce more viscosity, so as to weaken the subtropical jet. The best way I have found so far is through increasing the namelist variable...
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    running CAM5 in CESM2.1.3

    Dear all, I would like to use PORT to diagnose radiative forcing in CAM5. I have repeatedly tried to use PORT in the officially released CESM1.2.2 distribution, where lots of CAM5 compsets are available. Unfortunately, the PORT flag (-offline_drv rad) only works with CAM4 radiation (CAMRT) in...
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    Understanding how DMS works in CAM5

    Hi folks, I'm trying to do a set of simulations in CAM5, run in atmosphere-only mode (F_1850_CAM5 compset), that modifies the input emissions of DMS to reduce emissions in a specific region. I'm in search of information on the correct diagnostics for DMS and on how CAM5 handles DMS emissions so...